Books : February List

I am still actively listening to audio books, currently on free trial : Scribd
In February I listened to 7 audio books :

  15. Call Me by Your Name by Andre Aciman
  16. After You by Jojo Moyes
  17. The Midnight Palace by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  18. The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom
  19. Sounds Like Me by Sara Bareilles
  20. Rework by Jason Fried
  21. Yes, My Accent is Real by Kunal Nayyar

My favorite book this month : Sounds Like Me by the singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles. 
Most cringe-y but sometimes beautiful : Call Me by Your Name

Several mentions :
  • After You is the story after Me Before You, if you've seen the movie in 2016 or read the book. The one with Mother of Dragon and Sam Claflin, the one that makes you cry a bucket. Well, it was written after that book. It is not a 'must-read' book, because there was nothing much happened after the incident. But it is nice to know what happened to Louisa Clark. A really easy-read.
  • Call Me by Your Name was cringe-y because I am not comfortable with the idea of man attracted to man (that's it). It was still beautifully written, about a relationship between a 17-year old Elio and a 24-year old Oliver. And oh, it was read by one of the main actor : Armie Hammer with a very manly and soothing voice that reminds you of autumn 🍁
  • I tried riding a bike on a new path while listening to Rework.  It was a bit distracting, it was hard to focus on listening when I was trying to explore new places. The mind buzzes off elsewhere and I'll forget what I was listening to. Usually when I listen to something, I wouldn't be there in the moment. For example, I can still do inking and colouring at my desk because of the repetitive work, but I can't explore new places or engage in a conversation while listening to an audio book. Not recommended. 
  • After listening to several biographies/personal stories from : Ellen deGeneres, Sara Bareilles, Kunal Nayyar, I feel like I personally know them (with extra little trinkets more than anyone else). It felt so close and personal - now I'm going to listen to more biographies read by the person him/herself. 
Note : Thanks to audio books, I think I'm reaching my 31 books goal soon. 

2 comments on "Books : February List"
  1. Ahh audiobooks, I really want to be active on it but I just couldn't. I just can't concentrate.
    After few failed attempts I think I'm just not made for it(yet). I resort to podcast instead.
    Better something, than nothing :)

    1. Yeaah, I understand, audio books is not for everybody. Thank God it works greatly for me tho. I spent too much time sitting in front of my laptop working, now I can do 2 things at once :D