Mini Escapism : The Forgotten Ones

Before I forget, after we went to Stickerrific to restock my items last weekend, we went to Putrajaya for a walk. We found an abandoned place called "Royal Floria" not so far from the Masjid Besi, from Google Map, it is called "Anjung Floria".

I did some research and found their website - the final update was from last year's event and maybe it was left unmaintained for awhile now. 


There was something eerie about the place. I didn't take the real condition of the place, so these pictures that I took looked quite decent in this blog. But I did put it up on my IG story when we arrived there. Wild plants, broken facilities, dirty, torn paper castle, and no one was around. It was really bad. Like we suddenly found a hidden forgotten park in such a well-developed city.

I'm sure they use the place on every Floria Putrajaya - BUT there was no Floria this year and the place was a bit abandoned and unmaintained, I'm guessing they didn't have the budget to maintain and organize the event ? 

It was quite sad, really.


Anyway, if you are curious about the place, you can take a look here :

Interesting finding !

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