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Heyyy, it's been more than 2 months since I resigned from being a full-time Chief Designer at a local start-ups ! I've been really productive and excited lately, I don't think I've ever been this productive (maybe I've been collecting ideas and content for long). 

New stuffs :
  • Book : Travelogue Melaka (is still in the checking-editing process by the publisher)
  • Enamel pin : 90s Game Nerrrd
  • Patch : Wandering Soul
  • Art prints : Moonrise Kingdom & Just Start
  • Self-published book : Eskapi - Travel Notes & Doodle !  


The stories from this book/zine is not really new stuffs la (dah basi), plus, I already uploaded everything in this blog (in writings). These were travel notes and doodles while I went to Surabaya & Singapore last year, so the contents were already there waiting to be inked & digitized. I actually took 10 months to make this :D Hah.

This isn't my first travelogue. I've been keeping visual travel notes since 5 years ago (if I'm not mistaken). So I have some from previous Eid, Beijing trip, homestay programs and stuffs. But they aren't worth my time to digitize (old lame stories, I cringed when I re-read it). 

Anyway, long story short, I want to share my travel notes & doodles as an illustrator and someone who loves to travel since young. I want to make each journey matters (I already wrote it, photographed it, now I illustrated it). So I digitized this and self-published it. Hope you'll like it 💖

You can pre-order yours now at : My Shop for RM 12 and even get a copy of "Things to Doodle" zine for free (if you pre-order it before the 3rd of Aug). 

The estimated delivery time is : Mid August (they are currently in printing process) 

Who is this book for ? 
  • People who love to travel, this is a fun + easy book to read about my short experience in Bromo & Singapore. 
  • People who love doodles & scribbles in book, this is one example of how to turn your experience into something physical, a different way to share with the world. 
  • People who love visual journals/visual travelogues, here is a sample from someone who loves to doodle and to record things in writing. 
  • Anyone who would appreciate the work of a local illustrator ! 

About this book : 

  • Size: A5 (15 x 21cm) 
  • Printing info: Printed on 210 gsm gloss laminate cover, 128 gsm art paper content 
  • Pages: 22 printed pages (24 pages in total) 
  • Language: English + Minor Malay Printed in Malaysia
  • Self-published (no local publisher or editor or distributor) :F
  • All rights reserved to the owner.


Upcoming travel zine : Osaka + Kyoto 

The difference between last year's travel note and this year's travel note : the dedication and effort. In Japan, I really pushed myself to jot down something every day so I won't forget all the stuffs that happened. I also kept little stuffs (tickets, passes, stamps) to be added in the travel journal. I kept track of the foods I ate, and where I ate it (so people can use it as a guide as well). Plus, this time, I did all these in coloured version (because I'm getting used with illustrating & colouring ). I think so far so good 😃

I'm excited for this one to be published next !

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