Little House : Kitchen Makeover 02

The pipe problem :

The pipe was broken because the wooden cabinet was broken and the sink was sinking, so everything fell apart from the kitchen sink top to the pipe in the nearest toilet :( Ma called her friend to get it fixed. It took several frustrating days because the plumber got family problems but finally he got it fixed, and he installed an ugly looking plastic pipe in the toilet with sloppy concrete plastered to the wall and also fixed the broken pipe in the kitchen wall, installed a new pipe and plastered another sloppy stuffs on it. Very ugly, but it is now fixed.

Cost : RM 300 for plumbing, and new pipes

This it how it looked a couple of weeks ago *sad and miserable condition, this is how wooden cabinet will look like after 10 years - repuuut :


The quotation for kitchen top + cabinet :

And so after 3 quotations from various people :
  • one guy from ma (too expensive and too slow) - RM 6.8k for front and back kitchen top + concrete counter with cabinets.
  • one guy from Aja (still far too expensive) - RM 3.8k for front and back kitchen counter, RM 3.2k for just the front kitchen cabinet with concrete kitchen top.
  • one other guy from me - the one that I found from Mudah, mine is the most affordable one. I told him I am really on a budget - RM 1.7k for the concrete kitchen top without tiles. And additional RM 900 for the cabinet, if I want. I wanted to find my own tiles to reduce the cost, because they said additional RM 200 for the tiles. The job was down in less than 2 weeks.
  • This is before all the old cabinets were removed :

Cost : RM 1700 for sink plumbing, concrete kitchen top and installing tiles, plus garbage disposal renting for 1 day.


Gas Cooktop for the Kitchen Counter :

Over 2 months before, we searched at several places for a small 2-place gas cooktop for the new I-shaped kitchen counter in the main kitchen. I was inspired by Tokyo's home with small kitchen space.
The gas cooktop is really small compared to what we had before, we found it at SenQ from Electrolux brand and bought it really early because I need to buy part-by-part for the whole kitchen renovation. People on budget had to work on what they have, kan? 

Cost for the built-in gas cooktop from Electrolux : RM 932 with addition 3 years in-house warranty.


The tiles for the Kitchen Counter :
  • Saturday : Tiles searching day. Eyed for one of the shop in front of Pasar Borong. 
The original plan was to use small tiles for the kitchen counter but they said that small tiles are too fragile for everyday use, they suggested to use the thicker and bigger ones for it. So I decided to follow their suggestion and maybe use the small tiles for the walls instead. We went to 3 shops in Seri Kembangan area, and 3 more closed ones because it was a public holiday. 

I bought 10 big tiles : each tiles costed RM 8.50 on promotion, the real price was RM 19.90 each. They had a huge beige-whitish grade A tiles with some texture on it, I didn't want the white shiny polished ones like they suggested so the texture was fine. The tiles were used for the kitchen top and the extended on the floor part for the future cabinet. 

Cost for tiles : RM 85 (RM 8.50 x 10)


The timeline for Kitchen Counter Process :
  • Monday : Af and I took a day off. They came, dissembled the old kitchen cabinets and prepared the things needed.
  • Tuesday : They came again, ma had to stay at home. They measured the place, prepared the framework and filled in the concrete. This took the whole day
  • Wednesday - Friday : No one at home, so they left the concrete dried properly
  • Saturday - Af & I were at an event opening a booth. We went to the tiles shop to buy 6 more tiles that morning. Both my younger brother and sister had to stay at home, to wait for them to clean up the concrete top, install the tiles, the kitchen place and the sink with the whole plumbing.
  • Sunday - My siblings cleaned the kitchen.

Next : Cabinet for the kitchen top in dry kitchen, and floor tiles in the wet kitchen :F

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