Events : Art/Craft Booth's Price List 2016

Note : Future team member, please read the note down below.

If you are planning on joining events or opening a booth in the near future, and you are an independent small artists/illustrators with no budget and doing this just for fun. You need to know the price range, so here I compiled the price range for this year's event that I asked around :
  • Ilovebazaar , BTS Handmade Market : RM 80 per day ✓
  • Market 18, Jaya One : RM 400 for 2 days ✘
  • Malaysia Hobby Expo : RM 250 for 2 days ✓ * I got for free, because I sponsored huge doodle
  • Public Garden Consumer Trade Show : $200 for 2 days ✓
  • STGCC Singapore : $700 for 2 days ✘
  • Junk-ed Makers Market : RM 60 - 70 per day ✓
  • Etsy Made Local : RM 80 per day ✓
  • Indonesia Comic Con : RM 1,200 for 2 days ✘
  • Rantai Art Festival : RM 300 for 2 days ✓ - shared booth with my sister
The symbol : ✓ are the events that I decided to join, and the symbols ✘ are for events that I asked/emailed and were too shocked when I heard about the fees, and cancelled it. Ha. 

Personally for me, my budget is maximum RM 100 per day. Usually if the day is good, I receive around RM 250 per day, and the day is not so good, I'd probably only get less than RM 50. Rugi beso. The highest sales I ever received was around RM 600, and the lowest was RM 8. I sell mostly stickers that range from RM 1 - RM 14, so it isn't much lah. 

But why do I joined events tho? If I know the sales are sometimes bad, the crowds are sometimes close to none, the booths are super expensive or the people are just too snobbish ? Why oh why I keep on putting myself in that position that makes me regret the whole idea of being in this society? 

Love and passion. Of course, I can always opt for Etsy sells and focus on international market alone. But no, I believe in sharing what I love to do. Especially with people here in Malaysia, I still want to feel the connection instead on just ignoring the whole crowd and merajuk bawa diri and go find places where I feel belonged. I want to inspire, I want to open your eyes and let you see the future chance of doing something you like as a career. But then, kelakar lah kan if I say that my small independent business blooms and successful - no. I mean that by doing this, by having this small hobby turned into a working skill, you can go to so many places.

Huge chances, new clients, higher salary, better income :F

Other option :
  • You can share the art/craft booth with your like-minded friend
  • Send an email with portofolio/online shop to me : , I'm searching for future team members for international events collaboration. So under one team, we can go to places to join arts/crafts events. But I need to find people from : illustration or unique crafty product makers lah. And people who want to go faaaaaaar and love to backpack and okay with our introvertness, because we can get super awkward - you have no idea. Mihmihmih.
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