Event : My 23rd Event at I Love Bazaar 2.0

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Written before the event :
After a long hiatus from the hooman eyes, I finally booked a booth at the local arts & crafts event. This would be my 23rd booth since 2010 - this time I joined I Love Bazaar Handmade Market by RylDesigns. Never really went to their previous events before, but I really hope it would be fun-fun-exciting as I've been putting a lot of time and efforts in making new items for the event :o

I've been searching for high and low for illustrator/artist/doodler/crafter markets and events like in the old days. There used to be awesome Pipit Creative Market, Rantai Art Fest and Fuuyoh Art Bazaar etc. But not any more, these days most famous events are usually Running / Food / Travel related :( I supposed I need to go to neighbouring countries after this like events in Indonesia or Singapore for such events

Things I'll be selling : 
Sticker packs, totebag, postcards, greeting cards, car sticker, poster and art prints. See here.

Here I made a custom poster to be shared online :


Their official poster :

List of vendors :
Axxezories | Azreenchan | Boho by yana | 91 Craft collection sdn bhd | Eco Genesis EMBRACE G_Beads | Happy Button Enterprise | Judy Art and Craft | KYRAIRA NG HANDMADE | Less A Nerve Lovely Nuna Multi I e-Trading | Niswa Precious Delights | Qish henna Artist | Rainbow Accessories Malaysia | Sub Rosa Handmade | The Fool Handmade Jam | TJ HOMEMADE DELIGHT URBANE ASIAN | Yummy Yazmin Confectioneries | 168 Lotus 2 Monkeys and A Sheep Art & Tees SDN BHD


Preparation (2 days before the event) :

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Post event :

I didn't attend the event as planned, Aja took my place and took care of the booth for that 2 days weekend. She said that the crowd wasn't really 'that' happening, and I only got back around 2/3 of my booth rent fees back - so there's no revenue from the event :( Maybe next time, next event. I'm applying for 2 more events now. See how that goes.

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