Little Things 176 : Toxic People

In your life, you'll meet a lot of people. 

There must be a time, when you'll meet these 'toxic people' : people who complaints everything, grunt at things, use sarcasm in every words, will dominate a conversation, all in all, if you are the sensitive type, you'll know they are 'toxic people' when you can feel the negative aura bursting from their body. You don't know why, but you can feel it when they are there and you don't feel comfortable being around them.

You can choose to walk away from them. 
Like any other energy, they are transferable. 
I call them dementor because they will consume your light.

Avoid them.
2 comments on "Little Things 176 : Toxic People"
  1. i just wanted your opinion on this. what if these 'toxic people' is one of you family members? how would you deal with these?

    1. Well I'm not the best person to ask to when it comes to family.

      For me, I'll try my best to avoid them,
      and if I can't - in any case if we are living in one roof, there are 2 ways that I'll react :
      1. I keep quiet stoically or
      2. I'll reply back, most of the time straight-forwardly aka rudely

      That's the only defense-machanism I have.
      And I'll neutralize by being with positive people.

      Family brings the best and worst in me.
      After all I'm not perfect.