Plant Project : Things I Learned About Planting 2


From my personal view,
I learned about patience. I love how therapeutic planting can be for me. Learning each and every plant need time, and it pushes me to read and experience more just to understand what is what. This is something I can't learn just by listening to people's tips & tricks.  
I killed many plants and seeds, and I always feel bad for this. But I'll keep on trying until I be better at this. I'll try to understand their silent language. Isn't it remarkable how they can only communicate by their action? I always wonder whether they can actually communicate with each other. Whether they feel pain every time I cut some unwanted stems and throw some almost dried leaves from their body.  
I follow closely for every improvement, every new baby plants and light green leaf that slowly spreads open. I googled every symptoms and every signs, to understand the silent language. How comforting it is to do right at some things even when I did wrong with many other things along the way. 
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