Little Things 167 : Engagement

I didn't quite want any big events for me. I told my family earlier that I wanted to do a small engagement event, like super-close-family-and-friends only. But it turned out to be quite big, Ma & Aja got excited preparing for the day. Suddenly I had to find proper clothes and hantaran. There were 4 cars from Pekan, they did the catering, other than another 3 cars from AF's side & Aja's friends. I thought it was only a ring exchange and small makan2 event =.='


Anyhow, I promised to my sister that I'll post these super-nice hantaran that she did for us. She's good with all these crafty things, so she was the one responsible for it. Just follow : Art by Azah Azrina, she can do all those crafty things, beading, cards, and such. 



Oh, she even did all the beadings for my engagement kebaya. I wore an old white kebaya from my previous years' Eid and matched it with Ma's old gold-with-cream coloured long skirt from her old kurung. And I refused to take off my glasses even after Ma & Aja forced me. I can't seeeeeee =.= So I promised them that I'll use contact lens for the wedding. Phew. 

Note : The old kebaya turned out to be pretty decent, if you are S small, and searching for an off-white kebaya, you can definitely borrow mine for free. Just send me an email :, then I'll send you the picture - because I only have one almost-full picture of me wearing it, and I don't want to post it here, haha. 


This pillow was made by ma, Aja did all the beads and ribbons and all those girly things that make it look so much nicer. I showed her the example from Pinterest, something decent and simple, she came out with this, for the ring holder :

Just like I want 


The cake was from Cakes de Lemari, our most favorite cake & cupcake shop. You should definitely try their super delicious cupcakes and you can also order wedding/other events cake from them. I don't have any reason to lie - it's delicious, packed with everything sweet . 

Thanks for the cake, kak, I love it so much ❤ ❤ 
Sorry for the noise on the image, it was almost dark when I took this picture :


Too bad my brother wasn't here for the day, I'm still feeling a bit guilty.

And as for my friend, I only asked for Tasy. 
I guess she's my only friend. 
*anti-social alert*

PS : Tasy, it's been 12 years, thanks for being my friend,
even how awkward and silent I can be most of the all the time.
❤ ❤ 

Thanks everyoneeeee 

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  1. Cantikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkknyaaaa, adik-beradik yang sangat kreatif :')

  2. Aww I love the ring holder. Congratulations again, Azreen! :D

  3. I'm so happy for you. Congrats Kak Reen. MAY Allah ease everything for you.

  4. *Open email*
    *Check inbox*
    *check, check, check*
    *Delete, Delete, Delete*

    Eh, So many notifications from azreen.

    I'll continue reading the other posts now. :D

  5. Tahniah Azah Azreen..:)