Plant Project : Zeolites & Present

Planting Journal :

All my bendi seedlings are dead. I blame it all on Minka. I don't like her as much as before now and I can't wait to give her back to my boss today =.= Anyhow, I planted another 6 of new bendi seeds and another batch of white alyssum. 


I've also started training my bonsai under wires. Not much of things that I can do other than pulling it up several centimeters more to make the root floats. Maybe need to hunt for another fresh looking moss for the base. 


Ma collected unused bowls and glass bottles for my mini garden. After several months of try-and-error gardening, now I understand the importance of proper drainage for plants. That is, to have proper pots with tiny holes so that soils won't be too dampened by water and to find alternative for soil. My dad sell zeolites so I'm making used of his products. I'm using zeolites for all the bottles and bowls and cups without proper drainage system. Not sure about the scientific explanation, but somehow zeolites will absorb water and nutrients, plants will absorb only what's needed - so the best part are :
1. I only need to water them 2-3 times a week
2. No more over-watering

I agree, all plants in the zeolites are healthy looking now and growing up fast. While all plants in the soil, some died because of overwatering, some looking a bit slump or yellow - it's a daily battle. 
Here, this is how they look like in zeolites :

If you are interested to know more about zeolites or pet plants, send me an email. Should really consider to put extra goodness in the things that you care about. 

Wiki :
In agriculture, zeolite is used as a soil treatment. It provides a source of slowly released. If previously loaded with ammonium, the zeolite can serve a similar function in the slow release of nitrogen. Zeolites can also act as water moderators, in which they will absorb up to 55% of their weight in water and slowly release it under the plant's demand. This property can prevent root rot and moderate drought cycles. 


And for another birthday present from my little sister, she gave me a mini DIY terranium. I received a glass jar, several types of pebbles and stones, wood bits, cactus soil and 2 little succulents *one with a sign of under-watering. Tiny cactuses/succulents can actually cost around RM3-5 if you buy at local nursery, not sure how much she spent for a DIY terranium, I'm guessing it wasn't so cheap. 

But, the thought matters. I love that rare looking succulents on the left. And I had fun playing it yesterday. Can't wait for future succulent babies. 

4 comments on "Plant Project : Zeolites & Present"
  1. Reen, i notice you only grow green plants?

    1. Aaa.. Which other colours should a plant be?
      Do you mean why I didn't have any flowers as well?

      I guess because there's a limited number of flowers that can be potted indoor. I only have huge windows without direct sunlight and no other alternative than pots, so it's easier to plant limited number of green plants. Even if I plant flowers, not many types can produce healthy looking flowers without proper sunlight. Try and error, see what's best for indoor planting :)

  2. Semua hijau. Cantik. Sampai soil dia pun hijau. Hehehe....