Hello 2015 : New Website

I'm compiling random things for a new blog or we can call it a mini website.
Just for a fun little project. There are several main categories : Books, Plants, Design, Technology, Places, Fitness and Things. And I'm recruiting anyone who loves listing things and curating beautiful stuffs or if you even want to try for one guest post.

Ps : No money involved, only to spend my extra free time to learn the process of making website, design stuffs super-slowly and create beautiful things at the same time. 

Anyone interested, please email me at : azreen_31@hotmail.com or comment below.

I promise you, it would be awesome and beautiful.
2 comments on "Hello 2015 : New Website"
  1. There are a lot of content in the Internet; but sadly, not all of it are very useful. So this project will definitely be a great endeavor, because you can add ones that have valuable topics for discussion. Just make sure that the content is simple and the design fun, so that you can get the attention of your target audience. I hope you’ll push through with this plan. Good luck!

    Jaime Holland @ New Leaf Web Media

  2. Cool! I'd love to see how your new website is doing. It would be nice to browse around a website that can showcase a lot of different artworks and topics. It's going to be a helpful form of educational tool and entertainment. In any case, I'm crossing my fingers for it's launch soon. Thanks for sharing that, Azreen! More power to you! :)

    Violet Palmer @ iConcepts Marketing