Plant Project : Death and Updates

Planting journal :

I am not happy because I've killed all petunia's sprouts. It seems like their soft fragile stem rotted and not even one sprout manage to grow tall much longer. Too much water. While all carnation sprouts are doing quite well with the same amount of water. Too bad I read about petunia's watering technique a day later before the mass killing T^T 

And I'm thanking the internet for all free knowledge that I can find easily.


Our bonsai is growing up well and needing a bigger vase and proper wiring. I am not looking forward to the actual pruning. Other than that, I've been experimenting with fruit seeds. Last week I got 2 persimmons from ma, and I managed to get 5 seeds from the fruit after I ate the persimmon. And because I got so many bottles and soils left, I planted those seeds thinking that maybe it might work and I'll do persimmon bonsai later. Well 3 days later, it showed the first sign of little sprout from the seed :D

Nothing yet from all bonsai seeds I bought online : Gingko, Wisteria & Red Maple. I guess I have accept that 4-seasons trees can't magically accept our weather - and I'll give up after 6 weeks. And try again with the proper tedious technique. I have another 6 Wisteria seeds and 4 Gingko seeds in my keeping. 


I managed to get several little cups for souffle for RM 1 each and did a proper moss mini garden in it. Put some zeolites for the base because those cups don't have drainage for excessive water. It is so cute now and I can't wait to take some pictures later in another few weeks time.

Gardening should be done in the morning, but I don't really have time before work so I do it at night after I come back from work. It's against gardening rules but they'll have to survive that :(


I've also started working on organic compost since last week. I put a medium sized basin at the verandah and throw all the dried veggies, green leftovers, and egg shells in it. Added basic soil on-top of it to avoid the smell and unwanted insects. Other than online reads, all ideas came from what I learned when I was young - the 'forced gardening' years. I should thank my dad properly one of this day. 


Maybe this is how I survive my solitude, the hunger and need of other lives in my life that only bring soft positive vibes and the effect of not having Awan around. Maybe human really can't possibly be totally alone. So I started planting.

But I'm not lonely.
It's hard to explain to people when they pity me for enjoying solitude. I ended up telling them that I am totally fine with this and rather be alone than having someone that I don't want to be with. Hah. And maybe I'm beginning to be slightly socially awkward and clingy to a certain individual.


Documenting my life straight-forwardly from a 3rd person's view like I am an experimental specimen on a case study works fine with me. I hope this doesn't bore you, and if it does, you shouldn't waste your time on this dilly-dally because one's interest is only if it connects with them, even for a little tiny bit of atomic-sized link.

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