Little Stories 83 : Random stories on Toe, Job and Plants

1. One red toe :
My toe got injured mysteriously several days ago and it was so painful that I can't walk. I got couple of days of MC but I still work from home anyway - look how dedicated I am, still working on my MC days :D I think it's going to get better soon because I have another running event next week. I need that run.

The doctor said maybe I've been putting a lot of pressure on that particular tiny toe without realizing. From my shoes or running activity that morning when it happened, even though I've been using the same shoes for years and I've been running all the time. She said I need to rest, and gave me a bundle of medicines that I'm not going to eat. Now I got one fat toe. 

Imagine one fat red toe can cause the whole leg to be in awful pain. That it takes your ability to walk properly and go to work - because it's still too far to be walking in odd manner and twitching from pain on every step.


2. Offers :
It is like the universe heard my calling - I got another great job offer before I applied for it. It is exactly like things that I've written in my invisible yearly planner. I am very very thankful for this.

I got several issues that I need to consider before making any decisions. Like can I take 2 weeks off to visit Azmi in Germany *early next year/end of this year? Or is there any possibilities in future improvements, what will happen after I work for 6 months, or 1 year? Will it keep on getting more challenging and can I learn new stuffs/knowledge, be exposed in new fields? 

I think I have some issues with self-improvements. 
I am always hungry for more :F


3. Tiny plants :
I bought some tiny hanging plants last week and hung it at my windows. The apartment is still almost empty except for my working space, so I try to put some colours using plants. But it is quite hard to find nurseries in the city. Yesterday I just found out that one of the plants that I bought got a tiny flower and it bloomed in the morning, it went to sleep last night. This morning it bloomed again.

How can they know that it is already morning? 

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  1. Sep sikit!!!i dont like meds too.i jst go to the doctor to be comforted n to get an assurance that it's nothing serious

    1. Well I also don't like their overpriced consultation fees :p