Little Things 136 : Live Updates

I noticed one annoying trend in my favorite social media application, Instagram and that is : 


This is as annoying as getting spams in your Yahoo! mail account - if you know what I mean, or never-ending-notifications on Facebook group you've joined and soon regretted. If it's your wedding day and you want to do live updates that will take a whole day, around 2-3 images every hour is somewhat acceptable *10hours event = 20-30 images, but if your images consume my wall for the whole day, it is called spamming. If you are doing a business and start promoting on your every frequent post, it is spamming.

Solutions :
1. Don't do #liveupdates, just create a photo album folder on your Facebook and put every single pictures in there. You should know how many is too many.
2. Unfollow.

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