Little Things 123 : A Fall

It is exhausting to see everyone I know posting images of their happy marriages, new families and new babies.
I would be lying if I say I'm not affected by all of these. 

I stopped going to weddings few years back because at one point in life I know that the celebration itself would make me feel somewhat depressed. Those famous questions people keep on bugging are annoying. I would rather keep low and become invisible from the society than having to be compared with everyone else for not tying the knot or making any big life-changing experience.

I failed big-time twice and so what. 
This is life, and it is never easy, and so what if it is annoyingly painful.
At the end of the day, the world never stops spinning. 
1 comment on "Little Things 123 : A Fall"
  1. Chill! It's a cycle of life. When you have no bf, ppl keep asking when are you getting one? When you have a bf, next will be definitely when are you guys getting married. Once marriage in place, where's lil jr. Life goes on. Cherish all the moments.

    * Dah lama tak peep through your blog. Hope you are doing fine!