Little Things 121 : Daily

Every month I post an update on books that I've read and short reviews about those books. 4 months = 16 books not including short stories written by writers all over the world. I am deeply touched by the variety of our minds, accumulating imagination and experience into something so deep and beautiful. 

I love us, writers of the world. Putting your faithful thoughts into patient words, shouting feelings into beautiful paragraphs. I love us, introverts of the world. Letting harsh unspoken thoughts sleep inside, becoming lessons for our soul. I love us, silent rebels of the world. Watching those dark rotten hearts and whispering silent prayers for us, for them. 

Be still, soul.


I am working at a news portal company and I read current news on daily basis. I love the environment, I love the people, I love the work, I love the pay. What I'm worried about is daily feeds I am receiving.

Ditto social network. 
I am actively using my fake office's Facebook for research & knowledge sharing so I don't have to see never-ending shares in my real Facebook. The world is just too loud these days. 
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