Little Stories 72 : My OCD

Yesterday I tried out Carbonmade's newly redesigned website when I notice that the little purple icon in the sign-in page is slightly 'not' centralized. See the purple icon here --> sign in page. I've told myself several times before this that I need to control my fussiness over this OCD habit of mine. So to make my annoying thoughts calm down, I decided to tell AF about it. 

Like most people 'without' OCDism, he told me that it looked absolutely fine. And to make it worse, he said that there was nothing wrong about the icon. Because OCD itself means 'Obsessive' Compulsive Disorder, I had to make him see what I see just to prove to I'm not making things up. So I print screened the sign-in page and my bookmarked pages, both using same icon but one with the old icon and one with the new one :

Left one is the new one, and right one is the old one.

Can you see the left icon with the 'too' narrow purple line in the right side hairline? Well I can, and it disturbed my eyes, like any other things that are not centralized or with somehow 'this-looks-a-bit-wrong' look.

I felt ridiculous afterwards for being too serious over that.

And I know that I am not alone. 
I don't know why certain things need to be aligned or grouped in the same colour, or correct spacing and right spelling, or photographed with the right 'spacing' with no black border and those sort of things. 

I just don't know why, it doesn't make any sense at all, but for me it just feels right.

And for everyone of you that post pictures in Ig with "the-wrong-way-according-to-people-with-OCD" , you don't know how much we are disturbed by it that we have to 'unfollow' you. Yeap. No offense intended, just personal disorder :D

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