Little Things 105 : Curse & Blessing

I saw my life in pictures since 2009 from my own Instagram account. Kept scrolling those line of pictures until the very end when pixelated pictures were taken by previous lost iPod touch. So many things happened. So many moments and all I saw were just random memories ended with tragedies. 

I remember vividly every year's December. 
Big things always happen during my final month in a year.

Curse and blessing.
Things to remind me of where I've started and whom I've become. 

I am sorry for all those tragedies and pain.
I am sorry for all those tears and struggle.
I am sorry for repeating slots of memories, 
rewinding over and over again unable to play forward.
I am sorry for these unspoken words swimming in my thoughts.
I am sorry for every single things that happened.

If I can ease the pain, erase the memories, hide those feelings, I would.
But I can't.


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