Random Rambling : 12102013 - 2

Saturday at home felt refreshing.

Newly washed comforter smells flowery soft and warm. 
Silence in the house, while watching Awan spreading her body on my bed all day long.
Long reads on bloglovin' posts of too many blogs that I followed plus Tumblr posts of beautiful things and places of the world.
Two cups of coffee once in the morning and once during tea-time, overloaded with writing session I've been missing for awhile. No photos, just words and more words. *I've been flooding my Instagram with daily pictures I took, what I need now is words.

I love my silent Saturday, 
where are you ?


PS :

Oh and yes yes yes,

Shaun Tan said this is his latest book : Rules of Summer
Watch the 'extra' part in the website link - he talked and explained about the book. Did I mentioned that he resembles my dad ?  *the nicer and younger version of my dad, plus the Australian accent.

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