Reckless Life 1 : The Beginning

I've always wished for a reckless life, because I played safe most of my time. I hid behind so-called-life that the society created to define who I am. For 26 years, I stayed in the typical life - as long as I have a routined days that gives me money for my family and as long as I do everything that other people do. But I craved for something more than that. I thought, "there must be more than this, because I don't want to spend my days repeating yesterday".

I am not getting younger, and my days are leaving me. It is now, or never. It is a perfect timing, I am not married, I have no kids, I have 'some' savings, and I am, sheesh, 26 - *if I live up to 50, that means I just reach half of my life.

So I chose now.


There are three big things that I wanted to do last month :

1. Mini escapism
2. Quit the job
3. Personal matter

The first one : mini escapism. It happened as planned, wonderfully. I could never imagine better stories on that particular day. Even though it was not as far and as challenging as other people would do, but it was a great turning point for me nonetheless. 

The second one : quit the job. I finally sent my resignation letter after 927 days ( 2 years 6 months ) working with the lab. I worked for a month before my final day and ended my short chapter there 5 days ago. What I had with the lab and the Secret family were a great experience that I'll cherish forever. Some might ask why I did such thing when I haven't found any jobs yet and it may sounded a bit reckless. But, I really wanted to know how far I can reach when the possibilities are beyond my working environment. 

It was hard to explain to my mom about my decision, knowing I do have a lot of financial responsibilities. But the excitement is too much, I just had to follow my gut and risk my comfort zone. This, is for my 26 years of living. For the first time, I wanted to do so much for myself and I wanted to know how far can I go. 

I have 3 months to experiment with my freedom from a routined life before my mom can nag me about considering to have a safer typical life as others.

The third one : this is a little dream of mine, I'll keep this for later.


I promised to myself, that I'll document everything here. 
For my own record and as a reminder for any lessons I'll learn along the way. 

6 comments on "Reckless Life 1 : The Beginning"
  1. you can do it! Azreenchan!

    1. Yeahh , well I hope so :D
      Thanks Sicher !

  2. Yup. U must take the opportunity before you're married and have kids to do something spectacular/ crazy (perhaps) in life! hihi
    All the best, girl.