Mini Escapism : Melaka

I lingered through the old city, trying to find something new that I've never seen before. It was a hot day, sweat dampened the back of my shirt. I held my iPhone on my left hand while my right hand touched the texture of the wall. Mosses dried up on the wall, holding names of the passerby. 

I wanted the experience, I needed to feel something to be inspired. 
Two hours in the bus to Melaka from TBS with the return ticket that I bought the day before and another half an hour to Bandar Hilir from Melaka Central by the local bus - that they called Panorama, looked exactly like our Rapid KL. 

The crowd was over-whelming, maybe because of the school holiday, or maybe the old city was never really empty from the tourist. I walked and walked on the familiar route, sometimes I stop to take photos and sometimes just to be there and feel. I am not sure how other people feel when they go to places, do they experience it like I do ? Do they listen to the wind and old trees ? Do they touch those textures ? Do they watch the people ? Do they get lost and find new routes ?

I guess people should go to each place several times. The first time is to see everything - this would be fast, we hardly notice little things, the second and several more times are much slower, to repeat things that they like to do while they are there and to walk around, and more than that is by purpose , to be completely aware of the surrounding, to find new things to learn, to explore and feel inspired.

I knew Bandar Melaka, I visited the place every year. 
Being there feels like saying hello to an old friend that we know well.

It was a beautiful day, ended with heavy rain right when I was about to come back home. I fell asleep in the bus despite the cold air-cond, next to a stranger that lend me his shoulder and woke up when the sky painted orange and purple. Other than the guy in front of me spitting his phlegm every 5 minutes and snorted, everything else was perfect. Perfect. 


Another mini escapism please.

PS : My mom would never agree to this.
So please don't tell her :D

2 comments on "Mini Escapism : Melaka"
  1. Salam,

    been an anonymous reader for a while now and I really enjoy your travelogues. I can relate to that wonderful feeling of travelling, exploring and just admiring the small things :)

    Happy Sunday!

    1. Waalaikumusalam,

      You've been to so many places ! *.* envy.
      Thanks for reading, I tried my best to capture my feelings in words and pictures :)
      Let us all wander in this God created world and enjoy what He offered to us.

      Happy Sunday :)