Movie : KIL (2013)

After the long posted teaser in 2011 on Youtube, I finally watched Kil starring Redza Minhat and Suzanne Stocksill at the cinema. That was such a long wait ! It looked different than other local films, it reminded me so much of those beautifully crafted solemnization and wedding videos by our local profesional videographer, so I put it in my 'must-watch' movie list. 


I knew it would be a slow movie, and I knew there would be a lot of talking and snapshots of little things that didn't really considered as important. But I love to watch slow beautiful movie about simple things in life. Action-flick and sci-fiction are becoming less and less attractive to me. Real things are more real and well-connected to me.

Kil showed those little things in life, like waiting for the train, or stealing glances at random people, watching less-commercialized movies, wearing braces and interesting printed tshirts, snapping photos using polaroid, learning how to buy fresh fruits, watching the city from a rooftop of a building and so much more.

It was not perfect, and it got holes that can be improved and plastered but decent enough. Additional actors may be a bit awkward and fake, and the some background music was a bit out-of place, wrong music may catch the wrong mood. But what I know about making films other than to critique right? But when people in the cinema laughed at the wrong timing, it showed how the movie did not really captured the audience's right mood. But, oh, well.

I read from an article about the duration of the filming, it took around 11 days for the whole shooting process. Which was shocking ! How can they took 11 days for the shooting and 2 years to finally release it ?

I love it.
It's about time for someone to turn our local film industry and make more movies about life. Nice poster and teasers by the way :) Plus I loove-like-love Redza, you can just wear a simple office attire and still look good in it.

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  1. ya memang best!!..citer ni...sinematografi terbaik!!... cter apa lagi ek sama style camnii ??