Mini Escapism : Melaka 3

Things I love in Melaka : Jonker Walk area

I was lost in this area, originally I planned to walk through the Jonker Street but decided to walk farther. It was a really hot day, I was squinting my eyes, trying to walk pass cars in the small lane. I arrived at rows of old shops, marked with the year it was built on the top of the building. Small temples, countless hostels and guest houses, bars too early to be opened, little personal factories, and little bookstore that sold old comics and second hand books. 

Precious roads, a walk that gave my face two-tone colours, to really signify the hot afternoon walk.

So, I didn't even went pass Jonker Street that day. 
I was lost in between, and found my way out.




Things I love in Melaka : Holy Places

Enchanting colours, beautiful cravings, and positive energy.

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