Mini Escapism : Melaka 2

Things I love in Melaka : Old Buildings

I think I yearned for old buildings in my every journey. I feel like I've been living a thousand years, repeating in loops. I tried to remember any encounters from my previous lives but failed. But I know, I know certain things inside me are scraps from the past.

Here is to the famous Portuguese fortress in Melaka, A Famosa - 'the famous'. 

Reach the highest level of Taming Sari and create your own version of the history, because it's actually there in front of you. You can see the river, the fortress on the hill, how strategic it was at that time, imagine the plan and attack - if you play Command & Conquer, you'll know what I mean. It just makes sense.

And touch those wall & huge bricks !


1 comment on "Mini Escapism : Melaka 2"
  1. Kawan-kawan pernah lepak kat sana dulu time tengah2 malam, and dorang mcm ada nampak "lembaga".. ._.