Little Stories 57 : 080613

Yesterday was my dad's 58th birthday. 

We went to his house, watched movie, ate lunch+dinner, he cooked for us this amazing nasi minyak special and oven-baked chicken. He also made this delicious red velvet cake with cream cheese as perfect as it is possible. He gave each of us - girls a present, black pearl bracelet. 

He took a lot of pictures, he recorded us all. He missed us, and it's killing me. 

Can I not talk about my parents without holding up my tears? Hardly. I love them to bits, they made me human, I learned about life from both of them in hard and indirect ways. I keep on digging for lessons in every encounter. We had a hard time growing up, but it's a never-ending process - no one said it was going to be easy. Without them both, I would never be here typing this down.

Seeing them growing older is tough for me. I wish I have more time, I wish I have more to offer, I wish I could give both of you the world.   

And to tell I love you. 
Every day, every night. 
So that you will always remember that you have me.


I wish it is easy, to love someone so relentlessly.
I wish it is easy, to look in someone's eyes and say that you love them.
I wish it is easy, to let them hold your heart in their hand.
I wish these are all easy.


And to you, 
Happy Birthday too. 

6 comments on "Little Stories 57 : 080613"
  1. My dad is approaching 80 this year, and i feel sad and worry just thinking about it.
    I mean, when he slept longer than usual, i just panicked and quickly check his pulse.

    Happy b'day to your dad. He looks young.

    1. Thanks for the birthday wish.

      I guess those are just numbers.
      We should stop counting days -
      sheshh, parents.

  2. hey azreen, hanis here.

    i've email you on your hotmail. i would like to talk business with you. *serious face* haha.

    come back to me ASAP yah? thanks! :)

    1. Sweet Hanis,
      Yes I replied to you ;)

  3. You're very much lucky that both of ur parent are still around. Lost my beloved dad at the age of 4. He left us less than 24 hrs right after my younger sis were born in the hospital. Everyone keeps reminding me that I look identical to Arwah, the way he walk, the things he eat, and everything. I miss him a lot! Ermmm, a lot!