Oh Hello Etsy !

Hello May !

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Have I ever told you that Etsy is the best online shop platform available, so far? If it's not for Etsy, I wouldn't dream of sending countless stickers to all over the world. By far most stickers went to the US and UK. Others went to France, Greece, Singapore, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and the latest was to Poland ! 

Some addresses were not even readable by me :D 
For that, I thank thee, Etsy, for giving me a chance to explore the world through my stickers. And for being a great platform for people like me to meet other unique artsy-fartsy peoples of the world. 

The only reason I love hand-made things so much is because I feel like the thing was made specifically for me. The human flaws, the personal touch, the love and time - I appreciate those the most. 

1 comment on "Oh Hello Etsy !"
  1. wahhh bestnye. teringin jgk nak ade online shop mcm ni tp haha berangan je la boleh hihi. btw goodluck with the shop !