On Random Updates & Rambles

On Fitness & Health ,

Yesterday I received my third running shirt ! The best part about entering a run is receiving a free gift pack and of course the moment after you finished the run. Imagine never have to buy any running shirt because you just have enough from your previous events :D

9 more days to go !

On Case Study : Female Director ,

I've been making a case study on female film director and chose Sopia Coppola. The long post is still drafted because I got another one movie to go : Marie Antoinette. I've watched The Virgin Suicides (1999), Lost in Translation (2003) and Somewhere (2010) this whole week. Taking bits by bits, learning her movie styles and messages she was trying to convey. 

Watching Sopia Coppola's movies make me feel a bit lonely and isolated. All her movies were pretty distant and it triggered what I've been feeling inside. Not a great case study, but interesting findings - yet to be explained soon. 

On Books ,

Paulo Coelho's latest book is out several weeks ago : Manuscript in Accra - my 11th book this year. It's in my next-to-read book list after another 60 pages of the final book in IQ84. 

IQ84, is another book that touches on being heavily isolated and lonely. I think Sopia Coppola and Haruki Murakami can be real best-friends. And I think I need to find much cheerful case-study after this. Their strong energies are consuming my thoughts lately. I spent my nights crying in my sleeps thinking about how lonely a person can be. Shesh, how more human can I be ?


On Finding Things ,

I mentioned before about my missing glasses. For a week, I was half-blind and life was a bit blurry. I wore contact lenses at work and no glasses at home. It was no fun, typing down things by squinting my eyes, watching blurry movies, and looking a bit childish.

After a week, I bought affordable glasses to replace it. 

I forgot about the missing one.
Until 4 days ago, I looked down while I was surfing the net on my Mac, and I saw it beneath my drawer, just there, exposed. How did I missed it for weeks without noticing? 

Just when I stop needing something, it appears.


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