How to Set Up Reading Challenge ?

Hello !

I've been using Goodreads for a couple of years. By far, it is the largest social media related with reading tracking website I know. It is widely known, linked to facebook and twitter, has easy-to-use mobile application on iPhone and Android. 

Features that I like :
You can find a wide ranges of book database. I even found Fadhli's Conteng-conteng book listed in there. 
You can view huge list of quotations and can share it with your friends.
Some authors even have their own fan page, and I followed some like Paulo Coelho.
You can keep track of all your books.
You can read book reviews, or forums.
You can set up a reading challenge.

This is the easiest way to set up a reading challenge :


Being a fulltime worker, I found myself struggling to find extra time to read. So I choose specific time to do my reading : on my way to work. Usually I will take around 1 and a 1/2 hour to arrive to work. That is by far around 100 pages on average. 

For readers out there :
  • Set up an accout on goodreads.
  • Make your achievable reading goal.
  • Find specific time to read daily.
  • Read.
  • Keep track !
Good luck! :D
2 comments on "How to Set Up Reading Challenge ?"
  1. I've once registered for goodreads, and if I'm not mistaken, initially goodreads will ask whether to add friends who 'are' on goodreads.
    almost half of my friends were on it, which was a surprise. turns out goodread will spam them with an invite.kinda shady

    so I googled. found this

    disappointed that a reading website behaves like that, so i decided to opt out. but reading your post, the reading challenge feature seems interesting. maybe i'll try in the future

  2. Oh, I didn't know about that !

    But I didn't add friends or contacts using Goodreads. I knoow my friends aren't really much of a reader. Maybe some. But I'm not going to bother them.

    So don't add friends and disable automatic notification on facebook :D