Travel : Melaka 3

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This is my final post on my Melaka trip, I promise! I took a lot of photos that I love and putting it up in my blog is one of the way to keep it fresh in my mind. It is like a public diary of my living years. I do go through my blog every now and then. Just to have a taste of my past and reminding myself on how much I grew up and learned these past years. It is also a way for me to share my stories with my families and people who care. 

I am not much of a people person - to be in real live situation and share my thoughts and stories. So this is how much I can participate with people.

I hope these picturous posts didn't take so much time to load, I've resized all of them and they load as fast as hummingbird's wings on my browser *at least most of the time, of course. 


I drew this while waiting for my colleague to arrive.

This was taken when we just arrived at Johan Hotel

At Umbai, while waiting for Iftar time

I ate as much seafoods as I want !

In Jonker Streets' small shop

A' Famosa

Random photo of me, through the looking glass.


Pictures were taken by using :
IPhone 4S + Instagram
I  hate watermarks, 
so please be informed that all this pictures are mine, 
thank you.

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  1. Awh your tin soldier is adorable. Post more pictures please I don't mind waiting for them to load :D