Little Thing 34 : Dad's Saying 2

Today while reading this, I found another quotation my dad used to repeat many times :
“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” - Albert Einstein.
My dad used to asked us, siblings, pop questions on random things that we've learned at school. Being us, we were as nervous as house mouse, we usually squeak when my dad asked anything and we just mumbled away anything.

My dad said many times that IF we can't explain in our own words the definition or process of something, that means we don't understand it enough. Despite getting an A in Science, or memorize word-by-word definition of something from the text book.

He said in most of job interviews he held to find new staffs, his favorite question is "What is science? Explain it to me". *he is a science researcher. He will then rejects people who can't answer it *harsh. So he can judge the potential interviewee's understanding by that simple question. 


Almost 6 years ago, I told my dad that I want to continue my study in IT : Graphic & Multimedia. The first question he asked was : What is graphic? Yes, I stumbled and mumbled things about pictures, computers, editing, animations and stuff. He wasn't satisfied with my answer. 

Dad : If you don't even know what is graphic, then how come you want to have a degree on graphic?
Me : I don't know well enough, that's why I want to learn it.
Dad : I didn't know you draw, you can draw? *only my oldest sister draw during that time. 
Me : Yes, I can, I guess. *who would have thought that I'll be known for doodling now! :D
How innocent. I really thought I'll be doing graphic & multimedia during my studies, little did I know, majoring in Information Technology means programming & coding! I've never heard of Creative Multimedia when I was applying for college. Shesh..

Anyhow, I did finished my degree on IT.
Not regretting it.


PS :
Information technology is the use of technology to manipulate, save or store, produce, send and spread the information. Bingo!

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