Little Things 31 : Reading Riders

I commute to work by walking, riding bus, trains and taxi everyday. I watch faces half asleep, faces boringly playing their phones, faces wondering idly while listening to music through their earphone, sometimes quite rare, I see people reading actual physical book. My eyes will automatically linger to the book cover just to know what they are reading. 

By far, I've managed to finish off reading 3 books while on my way to work and home. Sometimes I got so immersed in a book I didn't feel the time passes in the 1 hour journey. 

So, I am so excited to see this ! A photography project by Ourit on reading riders in New York subways. To see so many people, from wide range of ages, colours and ethnics reading various books instead of doing nothing.

Do you want to be a reading-riders? Let's read to work, while waiting for the trains and buses, while queuing up, while eating lunches alone or while having a 15-minutes break. Make use of the time. Stop playing with your smartphones that aren't making you any smarter * HUGE self-note. 

I have quite a lot of good books, so if you want to borrow any books, just send me an email requesting a book, if I happen to have the book or own similar genres, maybe we can sayhellogoodbyes at the train stations, exchanging books! 


Read, let your soul read.

1 comment on "Little Things 31 : Reading Riders"
  1. Aku jugak pengguna kemudahan awam ni kalau nak pergi kemana2. Memang nak habis kan masa utk baca something sebelum sampai tapi xboleh. Aku jadi pening dan rasa nak muntah kalau baca dalam keadaan bende yang bergerak =[