Doodle : La Luna

Few weeks ago I went to the cinema to watch Brave, that explains my random doodle last week on the main character : Merida. 

The movie started with La Luna, short animated movie by Pixar. It was writen and directed by Enrico Casarosa.  I don't know how they did it, but those 7 minutes were filled with beautiful scenes and inspiring messages. I found out about the movie last year when it gor nominated and it was a joyous moment when Brave movie actually started with it. Surprise, surprise.

It's about a young boy named Bambino on his first night working with his father and grandfather. It reminds me of fisherman that goes to deep sea at night.

Definitely going to find the children book later!
I like this after The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore short animation 
I've watched Puss in Boots : The 3 Diablos and I really-really love all Despicable Me's short animation. I can't deny that I googled and watched those so many times.

Do you have any favorite short animations?


PS :

Yesterday morning, I was featured at Kids@NTV7, the one I mentioned here ❤ Thanks Hani, Johan & Mr. Reymy!

4 comments on "Doodle : La Luna"
  1. short animation from studio 4c. Have you watch it?

  2. Which animation from studio 4c ?
    I guess not?

  3. My favorite is Genius Party and Genius Party Beyond also OVA Tekkon Kinkreet. Try la to watch it =]

  4. Oh, they have short anime too ?
    Okay, I'll find it later :D