Book : How to Save Your Own Life



I've just finished reading this "How to Save Your Own Life" by Micheal Gates Gill, the man who wrote How Starbucks Saved My Life. There are 15 inspiring lessons shared by Micheal, telling little stories that changed his life. I loved how he wrote this book, it was like a father telling stories and lessons to his children. Short, simple and inspiring, in fatherly manner.

I love how I can feel the connection and relate it to my life. I love how he showed his vulnerability sincerely. I love how he didn't boast and how he accepted his weaknesses. I love the fact that he shared his experiences with people. I love how he summaries the lessons in each chapter. I love how simple the reading experience was.


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  2. Oh yes, yesterday morning on NTV7!


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  3. Salam alaiyka.

    Alamak, buku tu dah terjual yer.

    Skala 1-10 bagi berapa? Selalu beli buku, tapi sampai dah berdebu tak terkejar baca.

    Rasanya tahun ni kena baca buku kurangkan beli buku. Hehe.

    Selamat Hari Isnin yang baik : )

  4. Waalaikumusalam,

    Yea, dah pun terjual.

    Skala, dlm 7. Sy suka juga buku tu, tak berat, mesej sampai.

    Selamat hari Isnin juga :)