Food : Mixed Salad

Since I've been living by myself, I've been experimenting with healthy living foods. I can't possibly be vegetarian because I love meats and seafoods so much. But I am excited to play with raw living food.

On weekend, I bought :

Mixed salad
Thousand Island Dressing
Natural Yogurt
Mini Tomatos *my favorite
Camembert Cheese *guilty pleasure T^T

What I have in my mind was the delicious mixed salad that my dad used to make, but it didn't taste the same. Later on, I asked my sister what I did wrong and she said fruit salad my dad made was totally different from the experimented mixed salad. Oookay, maybe next time. 

So I cut everything and mixed it. Look at the colours, it was overwhelming :

My own critic :
I've decided to hate the taste of natural yogurt in my mixed salad. I should probably do another experiment with it or I'll leave the yogurt untouched for a couple of months again! T^T 

This is good for breakfast or light dinner, and I think having sweet fruits to be eaten with veggies help a lot *Especially the purple salad which I hate a lot.

Other attempt on fruit salad :

Mixture of lettuce, watermelon, green apple, red apple and thousand island dressing. Decent enough.


2 comments on "Food : Mixed Salad"
  1. Yuumeeehh !!

    nak sikit2 , nak byakk ! lapoo ni

  2. Mari try buat, senang saja :D