Travel Thoughts.

I was waiting for the train. It was raining. It was hot and raining. 
The first train came, I tried to fight all the barbarous women. They were literally shrieking, squeezing, pushing. I gave-up. I let them pass. 

The second train came. The door stopped right in front of me. I squeezed in. Thank God for being in the pinkish woman's coach, I don't need to squeeze in with men. The music was still blaring in my ears. I didn't reach out to slow it down. I was sweating lightly, tall enough to see most women in the sardine-packed coach. Someone leaned her body on my hand while I was holding the nearest pole. Ouch.

The woman next to me gave a smile, and asked me "Is this your stop?". 
"Yes". She smiled and hold my shoulder, gave me a space so that I can go out. 
"Thank you!".


I personally like big train station like KL Central. It is the closest I can reach to the feel of going to somewhere far. It almost feels like being in an airport. The waiting. The people. The smell of coffee. A place where everyone has a direction. People are stopping by before continuing their journey. 

The mere reason of going somewhere calms me.
It's like smelling a familiar perfume smell of someone in split seconds. 
The familiarity. The closeness. The longing.
And then it is gone.

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