The Sleepyheads United

Alhamdulillah, my artwork at SATU x SATU exhibition was sold last week. 
Thank you !


I watched several series of Grey's Anatomy while doing this *with non-stop tears. Also many other random movies. My mom just gave me "mehh..", after I excitedly showed her the finished work. So much of having real professional artist for a mom =.='

Anyhow, if you are wondering. These little sleepyheads are some of many random creatures that I usually imagine *due to my lack of confidence in drawing human, I feel comfortable drawing some random creatures instead. Although it is not quite right to adore your own drawing, I do feel excited to hang it on MY wall if no one ever buys it. I guess there's something about it being monochrome and symmetrical that attract me. Hmm. 

But thank you soooo much to Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous for buying it. I appreciate it. I'll draw one again for my own wall later when I have time :D


On canvas. Permanent Marker.

3 comments on "The Sleepyheads United"
  1. mana boleh lukis satu lagi..klu ada 2..dah x special la kan..

  2. Aha. Stiap lukisan mesti random creatures nya dilukis lain2 pun. Mana ada 2 lukisan yg sama dlm dunia ni kan.


  3. hihi..klu mcm tu okay la.. :P