Little Things 6 : Passing 60 cents

I arrived at Setiawangsa LRT station last night. My handphone was out of battery. I went to several public phones hoping for a single phone call to my sister, saying that I've arrived there. Wondering how 60 cents can survive a mobile phone calls. But unfortunately not even one phone can be used. I was sweating, worried. I've never been there before.

I walked to the only kiosk at the station and asked the lady in the kiosk;
" Can I use your phone? My phone's battery went down "

Dialed my sister's number and informed her.
Said thanks to her and offered her 60 cents, my only shillings in my hand. 
*I've used 6 cents to call my sister using that phone.
She refused and only smiled to me.

Oh thank you so much young lady.
You helped me a lot. 

I walked fast to the bus stop to find my sister. I saw an old lady selling tissues. 

Take my only 60 cents in hand, dear old woman.
It's not much, I know.


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