My favorite art & crafts stores :

Basheer ( where shelves of art & graphic books queued waiting to be seen )
Art Friend ( in The Garden & Bras Basah - heaven of art supplies )
Hardware & D.I.Y store & IKEA ( woods & other objects that will inspire me )
Daiso ( Japanese items are really fun to be experimented with )
Popular ( for pen and artlines supplies )


How about you ?


5 comments on "Art.Shops."
  1. Terima kasih Cik Azreen atas entri ini. Saya tertanya-tanya mana nak cari kedai-kedai yang best untuk DIY. Sekarang sudah tahu. ^________^ Yey!

  2. I love the same art & crafts stores that you've listed as I love to DIY =) Except I've never been to Basheer & Bras Basah. Where izzit actually?

    Yeah, Art Friend (The Garden) is heaven for craft supplies & I always go there to get ideas. For hardware I like Ace Hardware in MidVal. There is one in Puchong IOI. Oh I really love the big Daiso in IOI. You should visit there sometimes =D.

    Basically if I pass by any craft, art & stationary shop, I will always go in to check it out =P.

  3. Art Friend in The Garden and also Bras Basah in Singapore. Their Art Friend is really huge!

    Yes, I love Ace Hardware & Daiso in IOI. My main place to visit every time I go to IOI :D Hee.

    Thanks juga Cik Husna yang comel!

  4. Those are doodle in making on wooden flower :D