Yeah, a year passed since our first encounter with Youth Days! 
This time, it brings more activities than before : Himpunan Sejuta Belia at Putrajaya! 
From 27 - 29 May 2011 ( this weekend okay? )

So, I'll be opening a booth with my partners : Art by azah azrina & zamzammee.
We'll be under INOVA ( check out the website ). What is INOVA? : INOVA is a program that involves the collaboration among the Dept. of Graphic Design (Faculty of Art & Design) UiTM, Ministry of Youth & Sport, Pixel Playground, Rakan Muda and Creative Youth Malaysia.
Check out the map to go to creative markets here.

Bring umbrella & water, okay?
Because you'll be traveling by Putrajaya's Shuttle Bus. 


New mobile phone strap, keychain,
wooden magnets, postcards, and doodles
will be available.

I've been working so hard, so come & support us, okay?
Support support,
all money will be added to my dream travel coin box.


4 comments on "Sambutan.Hari.Belia.2011"
  1. teringin nak pergi...

    kalau free, nak ajak norlie,fid,mikko & zam !

  2. Yeay, datang lah.
    Bwk kawan2 semua :D

  3. how much ni Azreen? reply to my mail please, kak liza tak buka mail ni, cos baby on my lappy :)