Travel : Morning Thoughts

At least 3 of us siblings (my older sister, my brother and I) travel quite a lot. We hardly let our money in the bank stays long, and we plan on our own travel trip every 6 months or even less than that. There are always plans to be made, places to go, money to be saved for our next travel. 

It seems a bit unhealthy because we keep on planning. Never staying. Too anxious to get away. We always had to go to the airport to send/pick any one of us. We need to update our calendar because there are one of us with travel ticket ready and planned in near future. Ma worries about how much we are spending on this / with whom we are travelling / clashing events / crimes & accidents / natural disasters / diseases / anything else moms could be worried about. 

And I'm always ready to leave.
I've talked about this for more than half of my life and I don't even know why I'm still here. 
This house, this loans, all these things still weighing me down. 


I already have plans ready for 2 travel trips this year and I will share with you when it's getting near. But if you can't wait for detailed stories, you can have a peek at my Patreon.

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