Plant Project : Grow My Own Mini Herbs

Last month I participated in a "Grow Your Own Mini Herbs" workshop by Eats, Shoots and Roots at Riuh in the City, Bangsar - it was my first visit to the beautiful event. 

If you are new to this blog - big note : I love plants and animals. That explains my Plant Projects throughout my adult life. When we were small, gardening was a weekly chore with my dad - and plus, he opened a nursery in MAEPS called The Plots after he retired. So.. yeah. Among us siblings, I am the only one that still uses all the knowledge that my dad taught us about plants.


Grow Your Own Mini Herbs :

For RM 70, we had a quick 1.5 hour class about plants (herbs), soils, fertilizers, compost and basic 101 in caring for our own herb garden. Fair enough - I really want to know the basic stuffs anyway. It was a quick and fun class, because I truly wanted to know. I wish I was eager to learn all these stuffs when I was in school. 

We each received a metal container, soils (3 compost + 1 cocopeat + 1 sand) and herbs of our choice. From the class, I chose : Ulam Raja (seeds), Thai Basil (seeds), Mint (cutting) and Dill (cutting).


Things I learned at the workshop (1.5 hours) :

  • Basic soil mixture | 3 compost + 1 sand + 1 cocopeat 
  • Basic on planting herbs using seeds and cuttings (need to choose sturdier ones and give it a clean cut) 
  • Choosing edible plants (they advised us to try planting local herbs first because plants like rosemary, thyme, etc are a bit challenging for beginners - those herbs are not used to our climate) 
  • Easier herbs : thai basil, ulam raja, coriander, dill 
  • Herbs can survive under the shade, they need at least 4 hours of sunlight every day - so it is suitable to be potted at your apartment's verandah 
  • Basic on how to make your own compost


Almost 20 days after the workshop :
  • 4 Ulam Raja sprouted and already around 1.5 inch tall
  • Only 1 of my Thai basil survived and it has not even reached 1 inch
  • My dill cutting died
  • My mint cutting survived, sprouted and has new roots
  • 2 of my new Pak Choi seeds also sprouted
  • I planted 4 new Season Lettuces
Aren't this one of the most beautiful thing in life? 
A new life from a small dot of seed, just with water and the sun.

Today marks a special day in our Malaysian history.
I write this specially to indirectly mention about the birth of a new life.
Congratulation on playing your part as a responsible citizen.

2 comments on "Plant Project : Grow My Own Mini Herbs "
  1. It is indeed one of the most beautiful things in life :)
    The satisfaction and feel when watching those small plants growing are just, I don't know, indescribable! Hahaha. Pretty sure you're feeling the same, hehe

    Have a nice day :3

    1. Yesss, it does.
      I love seeing them grow <3