Little Story 227 : My Best Friend Got Married

Yeap, my best friend got married not so long ago ❤
While I draft this post, she was about to get married - she got married - she went on a honeymoon to Osaka - and she got back as well (to show that I usually keep my drafts for long - biar kepam).


Wedding-card Making :
I helped with their wedding card several months ago. From the designing of the card, choosing the type of paper, sending it to print and later sending it for hot-stamping. Everything manually :F

New things I learned :
  • to search for paper factories in town,
  • how to choose papers + send it to cut according to my chosen customized size, 
  • how to prepare hot-stamping file and send it to the factory, 
  • that making customized cards are cheaper (yes, it is way-way cheaper) but time-consuming and a bit fussy (especially the ones when we need to be there to : select papers, pick-up paper/card, send it to other factory, and such). Af said maybe because we are not used to the whole new process, so things were a bit slow (because I took 3 weeks to get everything ready).  
My time is the priciest part of the card-making process, and I did this for free because my best friend was getting married ! 😃 Some of the hard things in this process are : to find suppliers and factories, see their options, request for quotes and decide on things : so I prefer not to share these collected lists to random strangers asking in DM/PM about where I do this and that. You need to go and do the hard work, guys. 


Laser-cut Wooden Magnet : 
I also helped with her bridesmaid's little gift : the customized lasercut magnets of each bridesmaid with the bride + groom. She sent me images of her bridesmaid and I turned it into a chibi-version :


Videos :
Af also did several videos for her events, like their engagement, the pre-wedding (collaboration with me) and their nikah + reception video highlight. I worked as Af's loyal assistant as always.

Here is their engagement video :

and here is the pre-wedding video that was supposed to be shown during the reception dinner :

We managed to shoot everything in one day at Putrajaya (we were busy on other weekends for our Nov's events) - the ideation was roughly from our discussion on making the sweetest and informal video of them as who they are. I wanted to capture their personalities, so that after 10 years, they can look back and see a younger version of themselves when they were about to get married. Plus a narration of them talking about each other (because I love narration) :F The shooting, directing and editing were all AF ❤ I wish we had more time.


The Wedding Day :

We went out as early as 8 am and we had to leave Af's mom and little cousin at home for the whole day (they came the day before for school holiday). We were early, so Af started shooting while I stand awkwardly after I greeted Tasy and left the room. Wedding is my least favorite event/place and I already saw several familiar faces :F

I still wear my favorite kurung that I bought around 5 years ago because it is one of my most comfortable kurung and I like it that much 😀 Thank God, no one cares about what I chose to wear or how I look like (not only that, I chose to let my face bare and make-up free) - I did feel a bit under-dressed and worried that people might think that I didn't make any effort to look nice.

BUT, in my defence, being there for one whole day was a huge thing for me and I did make an effort to stay throughout the whole 2 events + I don't really own any make-ups. Hah hah hah.

The morning event ended beautifully.


On social anxieties & awkwardness :

Later we went back to take Af's mom and little cousin out for a short lunch because I didn't have time to cook. We had to go back to the next venue soon after lunch time and Friday prayer for the rehearsal. I didn't have any part in the rehearsal, but Af had to be there *he is the official videographer now and I promised to be there with him* and Aja was one of the bridesmaid. So we stayed, we even changed at the bridesmaid room - and I was forever awkward, trapped in a room with beautiful ladies getting ready for the reception. Again, I chose to be make-up free and chose to wear my previous Raya kurung because I usually feel more self-conscious when I can't be myself, so I avoid doing things that I'm not used to just because.

Plus, knowing that I would be facing so many former schoolmates after 13 years.. :F Awkward hellos and handshakes and random babbles about current life.

This was how I looked. Aja helped me with my tudung because yes, I don't even know how to wear scarfs other than tudung bawal :

But I survived !
Tasy put us together with my whole family and several other former schoolmates that I greeted awkwardly. I failed in random chit-chats and updates, I failed at trying to make long conversation throughout the event, I failed at group photos, and I failed at goodbyes. Mostly I talked to my mom and my siblings. I did feel guilty for not mixing around in a social event, but boy the stress was real.

We went back a bit later, after Af wrapped up with his video-taking and I joined in for the official group photo (I know Tasy would be really mad if I chose to not participate in their official stage photo with the bride + groom).  So to avoid having all the drama to make excuses, I just went in for the photo on the stage.

To Tasya :
Thanks for being my one and only best friend (other than Af), for staying - despite my awkward social anxieties phases at times, for keeping up with this blog when no one really read blogs anymore, for letting me be me and still be my friend since we were 16 ❤
Congratulation on your wedding !

Next stuffs :

  • Lasercut keychain for the dulang boys
  • Reception belah lelaki, next week


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  1. believe me. you're pretty you don't need any make up :D