Event : Comic Fiesta 2017 + Things I Bought

I thought I prepared myself for my first Comic Fiesta. 
I did, but it was not enough. 

The event was huuuuuuuge, huge as in 2 big halls in KLCC convention center, not including people outside, waiting at the park, super-packed alleys that you need to slowly walk, long queues of people waiting to meet their celebrity cosplayer or take turn to try out games, or even buy things. This was my very first huge event. The biggest one so far, and I've never seen such crowd :F

My booth was located at B-B01, so it was among the first booth at basic art booth, next to the premium ones. We bought extra ticket for Af as my assistant of the weekend, so we could take turn to walk and find nice beautiful things that people made. 

New things I prepared for Comic Fiesta :
  • 2nd version of 'Game Nerd' enamel pin (almost sold out before the event)
  • 1st version of 'Book Nerd' enamel pin (sold out before the event)
  • 'My Doodle Book' zine (not so many people bought)
  • Sticker sheets x 4 (so - so, people like the Harry Potter fan-art sticker)
Things that were sold fast :
  • The remaining enamel pins sold out in the first few hours
  • Japanese sticker pack version 2 + 3
  • Laser-cut 'Game Nerd' keychain
  • Laser-cut charms 
  • and several more MesinWood + Eureka stuffs.
From this event, I can conclude that the audience love movie - series - anime related fan-arts. I didn't make as many fan-art stuffs as other booths, so we didn't get as much hits. If I want to attend more events like this : Comic Fiesta, Comic Art Festival KL, Animangaki, etc - I need to make more fan-arts, it is what sells compared to original illustrations. Some people even came and asked whether : "There are characters that I know of ?" or keep calling the 'Game Nerd' stuffs inspired by the original Game Boy as "Beemo" from Adventuretime. I never felt so old. 

But anyway, the sales was so great - we reached the highest sales for any events I've ever attended so far ! It gives us hope and kinda show me that my hard work almost paid off. I love selling my stuffs and creation to people, even how 'syok-sendiri' it might seems sometimes. But without people keep on buying and supporting, I would never be this far.  

Thank you - for every support, every money spent on buying the things that I made, for every visits, for every 'hello - I'm a fan'. You have no idea how hard I work throughout this year as a full-time independent illustrator and designer just to pay my bills and prove that I never wanted anything so bad. I love every single day I'm working for the past 9 months, creating, planning, and making stuffs. I am so happy guys, thank you. Thank you for the wonderful 2017 journey !

PS - You can also support me on my Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/azreenchan ❤ Where I share more detail stuffs on the projects I'm working on, on current life and thoughts and tips + tricks.


And here's for the things I bought from illustrators and comic artists at Comic Fiesta !

You know, I took so many short trips to finish both 2 halls :
  • because the halls were so big
  • and there were too many people, so it was a slow-paced, taking turns kinda thing
  • and sometimes so many people came to our booth, I can't just leave Af alone :F
But I told Af, that I've been waiting to join these kind of events and it is just once a year thing - so I need to explore and find great illustrators. It was the only chance to be surrounded by so many inspiring people ! Here I bought a LOT of printed stuffs to be added into my doodle book. This made me so happy ❤ I tagged almost all comic artists and illustrators, please do follow their work on Instagram.


Like chibi stickers by Foxkunkun and name card from Meyoco (there was nothing that I can buy from her booth that was not out of my budget) :

Lokamade was everywhere in bookstores, so it wasn't as exciting as meeting Ashionglee from Indonesia in person ! He is an Indonesian National Graphic Illustrator and I asked for his signature. Super inspiring. I also bought the 'Passion Pays' sticker from my partner ; Eurekartstudio.


A colouring book from the legendary Kidchan/Cyanparade !
Two things that I love from this series :

  1. Black/White stroke - no colours, so I can see just the beautiful strokes without getting distracted by colours
  2. Symmetry 


I also bought a 'Thor' sticker and an art-print inspired by Rogue One from Machodoodle/Amelia Lo from Indonesia. She got a lot of cool stuffs, but I had to limit my budget and not get too many things at one place :


Weiliwonka and Pottetto were 2 local illustrators that I found from the previous CAFKL. I was super excited to see different kind of strokes and styles being used in illustration (because most booths were anime/manga-based style). I didn't buy anything Pottetto because the sticker set from her 'Stranger Things' fan-arts were sold out (too bad) :


Hope to see you guys again next year !

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  1. OMG SOOOO MANY...I WENT THERE TOO~! Gonna post about CF2017 later on my blog

  2. I DIDNT KNOW U OPENED UP A BOOTH UHUHUHU~!!!! But Ive tawaf around dozen times at the art booths (booth basic and premium)... I which Ive know it sooner ^^"

    1. Haha, I did posted in my IG during and before the event, and also on my FB event's list. Follow me on my social media for the event update :D Hahaha.

      Yeahh, the hall was quite big, but I managed to hunt for my favorite illustrations and bought wayyy lot than I expected :p