Class : Doodle your Day with Azreenchan

Doodle your Day class date with me. 
I would like to spend a day with people who are interested in doodle journaling + illustrating. This is more like an informal class where we could get to know with each other, spend the day doing activities, sharing session and have a guided doodle practice along the way. More like when an introvert wants to share knowledge and skills to people but in a very controlled environment (compared to my previous doodle class with 30 kids for 8 long hours). 

Class Detail 😘 :

  • Weekdays in December + January 
  • 10 am - 2 pm 
  • In KL area, various places based on the selected day 
  • There will be activities to help you with your day journal task : eg - a day out in Aquaria / Bird Park , chit-chats at a cafe, etc. 
  • Will be conducted in a very small group (1-5 per class) 
  • Fees : RM 100 (not including ticket passes) 

Things you will learn : 

  • Basic doodling skill 
  • How to start doodling 
  • Doodle tasks to help you with your doodle diary + journaling 
  • 101 - Your personal zine-making 

Things that will be provided : 

  • 16-pages of 'Things you can Doodle' zine - that you will use for your doodle tasks 
  • Free gift bag + goodies
  • Foods at the selected cafes 
  • I'll also bring zines + self-published books by international illustrators for reference 
  • Washi tapes 😍 

Things you need to bring : 

  • Your doodle notebook / diary 
  • Favorite stationary 
  • Water 

Suitable for : 

  • Beginners 
  • People who love to draw + doodle 
  • People who want a doodle date 
  • Fresh from the oven designer/illustrator/doodler 

No experience in doodling necessary, just your interest + passion in learning a new skill or hobby. 
If you are interested, please book your class from my e-store here.

Note : Date & activities will be discussed via email after booked.

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