Doodle : In-Between Series & Work

How's your Raya, so far so good? 
I've accumulated a lot of mini pimple breakout since the 2nd day of Raya because I've been eating a lot of things without filtration. Not only on my face, also several spots on my body - God knows what I'm actually allergic to this time :F 

Anyway, I want to post the quick process video of my "13 Reasons Why" fan-art series that I did last week while resting from my travelogue work. 


If you are not familiar with the series, well it is on Netflix. It is a story of a teenage-suicide, of a girl named Hannah, and the 13 reasons why she committed suicide. She recorded her story on 7 tapes and passed the tapes to the persons related to her story. It is quite a depressing and heavy story on teenage bullying, depression, and suicide. 

I doodled this on my sketch book while watching the series (when we first started the series) and I digitized it right after we finished the whole first season. 

2 comments on "Doodle : In-Between Series & Work"
  1. Salam Aidilfitri!
    Did you like the series? I can't wait for the second season. Despite the criticism, i think the series in some way helped others to cope with their misery and as a reminder for us to be more caring on our action towards others.

    1. Happy Eid to you too :D
      Yes, I like the series, can't wait for the next one.
      Personally for me, I think yess, the series touches few sensitive points that people prefer to not talk openly about. But people need to know that these things are here, instead of looking at only the suicide point, maybe people should focus on the things surrounding the issue :
      - how bullying might effect people
      - how some teenagers think and feel
      - depression is real and it's okay to talk about it
      - help people around you
      And those kind of stuffs. There are claims that said several cases of suicide happened after watching these series (because they 'felt' inspired), which was a bit weird - how can people feel inspired to kill themselves after they watched the consequences of such choice? It doesn't make any sense.
      Anyhooo, that's some rambles from my thought >.<