Little Things 233 : Over Coffee

For the past several weeks, I’ve been coming really early to the office, (at least an hour before my office opens) because my sister is currently out-stationed all over the country and Af had to go to work early + I still don't drive to work. 

So I stayed at mamaks and Subway (most of the time) to finish up my travelogue draft before coming in to work. Today, I wanted something different because I’m bored of the cheap sweet instant white coffee at Subway and I definitely can't consume anymore of Mamak’s Nescafe with exaggerated condensed milk after-taste. Like I’ve said because, my taste towards sweet things really changed over these few years. If it’s not because I’m getting old, I don’t know how to explain this bittersweet taste I’m looking for instead of all things sweet and sugary.
Anyone over 30 agrees with me? 

Anyhow, so I went to the famous overpriced cafe at my office - that I use to think of as one-kind of wealth & luxury that I would want to achieve (Note : If I can go to this cafe everyday without worrying about spending it over coffee, that means I reached my comfortable phase - kind of thing) Lololol. 

But I got old.
And I got over the overpriced coffee.
Funny how time changes things.

3 comments on "Little Things 233 : Over Coffee"
  1. welcome to the club :P

    1. Eiiii, so you agree also right?
      It is something that changed over time :(
      #the30sclub <3

  2. me too!!! *both hands up

    - cik belon