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Work Related : All Things New + Shiny

I think I've been super productive these couple of months. I love making and creating things without anyone telling me what-I-should do or not-do. I think there is something about being an artist, you kinda choose to follow your instinct and passion. 

As a designer, I had to follow all the designer's rules and requirements made by clients. Although it is good (in a way), I always thought it was somehow giving me limitations and I'll be stuck and depressed (every day). It did taught me how to be a better designer, but I was born a rebel. I don't like to follow :F I think if Yayoi Kusama listened to other people's critiques since she started making art, she won't be the legendary Polka-dots Queen now. 

As an independent illustrator, I can experiment on things that I want to learn and explore. I can use the same colour all over again, I can try different styles and decide on how the end product should be. All my syok-sendiri stuffs that make me feel excited to work everyday. ❤

Here are the things I made since I work as a full-time independent illustrator :



They are available at my :

Local e-store (Malaysian only)
Etsy (International)

And I am forever thankful to people who chose to
support me on my Patreon (I love you guys forever)
❤ ❤ 

Work Related : First Self-published Travelogue 2

My love for far-off places started when I was 14, after my first Fukuoka homestay program in 2000. I decided then, to collect as much money as I can, to distant myself from my friends (so I wouldn't feel bad when I need to say goodbye) and to love being alone (in case I never meet any like-minded life partner) in order to fully commit to the idea of travelling in my whole adult life. 

When I was small, travelling was only something rich people/international students would do. Without money, we can't really go to far places because flight tickets alone was so expensive. As I mentioned, I started collecting money when I was really young, by the time I finished my degree when I was 25, I managed to collect RM 10,000 from all my duit raya, daily school money, and part-time works. Those were collected since I was born, because I hardly touch the money from my ASB and I am a very dedicated person. It wasn't much la, but collecting money that much without any help from parents or full-time work, RM 10,000 was a LOT.

So by 2009, I started travelling every year. 
I think I started by going to Umrah, and every year afterwards, I allocated money to go to at least 1 new place each year. 

And because I am really thankful for achieving my life-long dream to travel to new places, I also put an effort to record my stories while travelling by writing, taking photos and doodling. So that I won't forget that I've been dedicating my life to see these wonderful places in this world and I'm hoping to share it with the world back.


I love books, I love writings and I love illustrations, eventually I knew I wanted to share my own travel journal. Of course, anyone can write a travelogue, or buy a guidebook from the bookstores. But what I wanted to share was something more personal. Little tit-bits, little stories, random mini adventures. 

When I read a visual travelogue, I want to know the person, their stories and how the place + adventure affect them. So I started collecting travel journal, and visual travelogues from illustrators & comic artists.

The first visual travelogue I bought was in 2012 : French Milk by Lucy Knisley and soon afterwards, I bought all visual travelogue each time I found out an illustrator made one. I love their stories, I keep them as an inspiration, I read them over and over again. 

The list of my travel/illustration related books :
  • French Milk by Lucy Knisley (France)
  • Displacement by Lucy Knisley (a Cruise)
  • Carnet de Voyage by Craig Thompson (Europe & Morocco)
  • Memento bento by Alessandra Criseo (Japan)
  • Tokyo on Foot by Florent Chavouet (Japan)
  • Maneshima Island Japan by Florent Chavouet (Japan)
  • Perfect Tree Shapes by Frannerd (France)
  • Orange Ginger Jam by Frannerd (Chile)
  • Natsu by Atelier Sento (Japan)
  • Jejon di Jepun by Jonsuraya (Japan)
  • We bought a bus ticket from KL to England by Black Jellyfish

You see, passionate people make things that they are passionate about. As for me, combining stories, travels and illustrations in a book is something that I want to do mainly for myself (syok sendiri)

That's why I finally finished digitizing the last year's travel journal and self-published it. I knew I don't have something solid to purpose to publishers and I hated the idea of being controlled by what-can-sale and what-not-so-'in' the market. So I just made it myself. Some of the books from my favorite illustrators produced were self-published, and I did bought it online straight from them. So I thought, why not?

In this Indonesia-Singapore travel journal that I recorded, I kept those little stories in the simplest form of writing and doodles (because I am not a comic artist, I don't do stuffs in comic boxes, and I don't have rules to follow). It was just a travel journal that I recorded during that time, only. So it wasn't perfect, and collecting 22 pages of random doodles thinking that I might want to share with the world was hard. BUT, as I would always say, "JUST START" with whatever you have and whatever know, you'll learn to improve along the way.  

Here's to my first self-published travel journal ❤ :

Anyway, if you want to read and also add my book in your collection, 
you can now buy it from : My Online Shop ⭐⭐

And if you want to help me making more illustrations and more books, you can support me from my Patreon account , I usually post early videos, secret projects, and post random gifts and latest zines to my Patrons ❤ 

Little Things 236 : Wedding/Event Videos


As some of you might have guessed from our various #sirieskapi videos, my husband, Af is a videographer & video editor - if you guys are planning on getting married soon and is currently searching for an event's videographer, you can contact him at : ♥ I am his loyal assistant 😀

Sample of his works : Vimeo 

*2017's Price Offer

Mini Escapism : Days in Melaka

We needed a short break from work.
I wanted to go to Ipoh but we only had 3 days because we had to attend my cousin's wedding on the weekend, so we decided to go to Melaka again (it is one of the nearest anyway).

But I went to Melaka so many times and just several months back, I stayed in Melaka for almost a week for the Melaka travelogue project. During that time, I tried so many stuffs, I went to so many places, I ate so many local foods. So, this trip wasn't as exciting as I anticipated :( We didn't really know what else to do other than beach-walk and eat !

Things we did in Melaka :
  • walked in Dataran Pahlawan and Jonker Street area
  • tried the Asam Pedas dish near Taming Sari Food court area 
  • went to Mamee Museum for a nice Ais Kacang ❤
  • window shopping in Dataran Pahlawan
  • went to Coconut Shake in Batu Berendam ❤
  • sat at the beach of Pantai Klebang ❤
  • dinner at Umbai seafood
  • walked in Jonker Street at night 

Af compiled this video yesterday :

ESCAPISM #14 from Farik Karim on Vimeo.


Here's a detailed post on places we went and foods we ate :

Mamee Jonker Street

Our main stop would be : Mamee Jonker Street. I think I've been here 3-4 times since Mrs Lim told us about this place. She brought us to several other places that you can find nice cendol/ice-kacang in Melaka and this is my favorite !

I love their ais kacang and cendol ❤

If you are like me : you like the taste of evaporated milk more than gula melaka, you will definitely like their cendol and ice-kacang :D The place is a bit underrated, because I'm pretty sure people hardly go to Mamee Jonker Street to try their cendol/ais kacang. I wouldn't, if Mrs Lim didn't tell us about the foods there.

Ais Kacang + Matcha Latte


Coconut Shake in Batu Berendam

And instead of bringing Af to the famous coconut shake in Klebang Beach, I suggested to go to Batu Berendam instead (this is also Mrs. Lim's idea). I love their coconut shake special and the free-flow of coconut water. You can also try their Yong Tau Fu

Here's the map :


Klebang Beach

We didn't do anything much. The weather was nice when we arrived. We sat around on our mat that we brought from home, taking videos and pictures before the rain came an hour later.

Klebang Beach

Klebang Beach

Klebang Beach


Ikan Bakar Parameswara, Umbai

We went to Umbai Beach after we finished taking photos and videos in Klebang Beach (around 45 minutes drive). The weather was really bad, it was super windy and dark. We went here just for the seafood galore :D Instead of going to the famous Umbai Seafood, we went to the other seafood restaurant : Ikan Bakar Parameswara.

We ordered for nasi lemak (AF), kerang rebus and sotong celup tepung because we weren't that hungry after our short stop at Coconut Shake Batu Berendam just few hours before. I think I like the foods in Kedah & Bagan Lalang much better.

Umbai Beach

We also found this man-made long wooden boardwalks near the restaurant :

Umbai Beach

Here's the map :


From the look-out point on the highway
(if you like to do random stops) :

Look-out Point


This trip felt so short because we went out on the afternoon and arrived in Melaka around 3 pm on that Thursday and went back home on the afternoon of Saturday. If I count by the hour, it was just a 48 hours visit in Melaka. 

Hopefully we can plan more mini escapisms soon.

Event : CAFKL & Food Poisoning

Last weekend's event was a success !

A lot of my stuffs that I brought and prepared for the event were sold out (sticker packs & enamel pins), people also came to pre-order the Eskapi travelogue and I saw a lot of talented illustrators and comic artists all around. There were a lot of self-published comics and zines. I think I spent around RM 100 just for buying other people's works.

Look, my favorite Moana artprint by Sillyjellie ! :

For me, this was my first comic-related event. I usually apply for art & crafts events because I don't really feel like I belonged to the comic-industry (I don't do comics). So I never really know what to expect in this event. Fortunately, it was the best among the best sales so far, doubled from my previous best sale record ! I am so extremely happy, so I applied for this December's Comic Fiesta in KLCC.

I am happy because just several days before, I spent several thousands on self-publishing my travel journal (and so I got it back almost right-away). I was so worried that I won't survive next month without taking any freelancing and only focusing on the Japan's travel journal. But, I think I can pay off all my bills for next month and still survive by working silently in my nest studio :D

Note : I just wish more variation on the styling of drawings/illustrations instead of focusing in manga & anime though. It's good that the industry is here and beginning to get bigger, but I just wish more people would explore their own unique styles & strokes.


The bad from the event :
I had the worst case of food poisoning, just an hour before the event ended.
I felt bad in the stomach, nauseous, I can't no longer sit at the booth (so I let Af took care of the booth). Finally when I felt really-really bad (kenot tahan anymore), I ran to the toilet and threw up badly (around 6 times in one shot). I pitied the girl next to my toilet, she had to listen to all the drama. 

I asked Af to pack all the stuffs because I can no longer do anything. We left while it was still busy in the hall, I didn't even say 'good bye' or 'thank you' to anyone. The second time I threw up was when we almost arrive at our car in the parking lot. The third time was in the toilet in KL Sentral when we had to do emergency stop because I also had to go to the toilet so bad. And the final one was right in front of the clinic, near my house. 4 times in 1 hour, and because it was so bad, the doctor advised to take a shot to stop the vomiting. But the diarrhoea had to continue until all the bad stuffs come out from my body =.= 

Yes, it wasn't my first food poisoning. But this was the first time that I had the worst case of vomiting until I felt like I had to surrender my body to the urges alone. I felt like I was possessed and my body was so weak and so foreign that I could no longer stand or walk. :F So I took a shot, drank a gallon of water, ate charcoaled pill and all the other little colourful pills the doctor provided. And I slept and rested the whole night.

Af had some minor diarrhoea and Ma also had several times of vomiting and bad diarrhoea. The whole family ! There must be something we ate together (like the sandwich Aja made for all of us because we didn't eat anything else) :F Worst food poisoning ever.

Work Related : First Self-published Travelogue

Heyyy, it's been more than 2 months since I resigned from being a full-time Chief Designer at a local start-ups ! I've been really productive and excited lately, I don't think I've ever been this productive (maybe I've been collecting ideas and content for long). 

New stuffs :
  • Book : Travelogue Melaka (is still in the checking-editing process by the publisher)
  • Enamel pin : 90s Game Nerrrd
  • Patch : Wandering Soul
  • Art prints : Moonrise Kingdom & Just Start
  • Self-published book : Eskapi - Travel Notes & Doodle !  


The stories from this book/zine is not really new stuffs la (dah basi), plus, I already uploaded everything in this blog (in writings). These were travel notes and doodles while I went to Surabaya & Singapore last year, so the contents were already there waiting to be inked & digitized. I actually took 10 months to make this :D Hah.

This isn't my first travelogue. I've been keeping visual travel notes since 5 years ago (if I'm not mistaken). So I have some from previous Eid, Beijing trip, homestay programs and stuffs. But they aren't worth my time to digitize (old lame stories, I cringed when I re-read it). 

Anyway, long story short, I want to share my travel notes & doodles as an illustrator and someone who loves to travel since young. I want to make each journey matters (I already wrote it, photographed it, now I illustrated it). So I digitized this and self-published it. Hope you'll like it 💖

You can pre-order yours now at : My Shop for RM 12 and even get a copy of "Things to Doodle" zine for free (if you pre-order it before the 3rd of Aug). 

The estimated delivery time is : Mid August (they are currently in printing process) 

Who is this book for ? 
  • People who love to travel, this is a fun + easy book to read about my short experience in Bromo & Singapore. 
  • People who love doodles & scribbles in book, this is one example of how to turn your experience into something physical, a different way to share with the world. 
  • People who love visual journals/visual travelogues, here is a sample from someone who loves to doodle and to record things in writing. 
  • Anyone who would appreciate the work of a local illustrator ! 

About this book : 

  • Size: A5 (15 x 21cm) 
  • Printing info: Printed on 210 gsm gloss laminate cover, 128 gsm art paper content 
  • Pages: 22 printed pages (24 pages in total) 
  • Language: English + Minor Malay Printed in Malaysia
  • Self-published (no local publisher or editor or distributor) :F
  • All rights reserved to the owner.


Upcoming travel zine : Osaka + Kyoto 

The difference between last year's travel note and this year's travel note : the dedication and effort. In Japan, I really pushed myself to jot down something every day so I won't forget all the stuffs that happened. I also kept little stuffs (tickets, passes, stamps) to be added in the travel journal. I kept track of the foods I ate, and where I ate it (so people can use it as a guide as well). Plus, this time, I did all these in coloured version (because I'm getting used with illustrating & colouring ). I think so far so good 😃

I'm excited for this one to be published next !

Event : Pre Comic Art Festival KL 2017

I'll be at booth A4 !

Dewan Bunga Raya Campbell Complex (Near Sogo),
Date : 29 & 30 July 2017


Work Related : New Enamel Pin & The Process

Sometimes I get overly excited and inspired, and when that happened, I create a lot of things. After the Uber project and several more little projects, I got some money to invest on new things. Things that I've been wanting to make but didn't have enough money.

This time, I decided to create an iron-on patch series and enamel pin.
Let me tell a detail story about how I ordered for these enamel pins first (because I love to share things that I wish other people would share with me T^T).


The process : The 90s GameBoy 
I actually used my old doodles from my sketch book. I searched for simple items that I drew, that have potential to be turned into patches/pins. So I found the doodles I made for the Malaysian Hobby Expo last year  :


The designing, vectoring & colouring :
  • I found a small doodle of game boy with my iconic sleeping face in my sketch book.
  • I wanted to turn it into an enamel pin for 90s game nerds (like me). Usually when I think about enamel pins or patches, I think about the message/label it stand for. 
  • So for this one, I decided to make one that says "90s game nerds". 
  • Then I turned the doodle into a vector using .Ai CC 
  • I picked the simplest purple gradient colour (that I currently like for my works) - because I don't have time to experiment on different styles at that time.
  • I'm not sure whether the stroke thickness would be okay, so I just followed my instinct. 
  • I didn't even re-check the colour using Pantone code

The supplier :
  • I searched for an agent through Alibaba (giving a list of request), had a short interview with more than 10 people in one day and I found one that I like !
  • I asked her some important stuffs that I needed to know (like what's the policy, what is the process, the rights, option of materials, etc). 
  • Extra thought : I was worried of being scammed because I have this wild thoughts about business people from mainland of China (like they would do anything for money - and probably not being honest, scams, etc). But I remember those things that I learned in high-school history, about how China man would travel across the sea for business, it is something noble and they would do anything to have a good business relationship with others. I also remember Alibaba's founder, Jack Ma, when he talked about his rules of success (watch here) and seeing how much he wanted to create Alibaba so the whole world can reach businesses in China - I think those were the reasons why I decided to try the website.
  • After I chose the agent, I gave specific requests on things that I wanted on my product.
  • She then gave me a quotation and asked me to prepare the file. 
  • Proceed with the order, I make half of the payment through Paypal and waited.
  • Almost 3 weeks later, I received an email saying that my products are good to go and need to pay the remaining balance.
  • After I make a full payment, she then posted the parcel using DHL and the item arrive after 3 days!
This is how it looked when it first arrived (Individually packed)

The material :
  • I wanted a black stroke instead of the normal silver/gold. So I chose a black nickel plating, most of local companies don't really offer this option. 
  • I also requested for a backstamp of my name 'azreenchan' ♥ because it looks cool (*extra $$$). I wasn't sure how small I should make while designing because enamel pins are small. I was worried about designing it too small until the machine can't get the details in its mold. I didn't see any problems !  
  • I also chose a butterfly clutch because my pins are small.
  • I chose hard enamel pin because I wanted the smooth shiny surface.
  • I love the size and heaviness. 

The packaging & marketing pictures :
  • And because I really like the result, I think I want to make other enamel pins later (when I got other small investment) 
  • I designed the packaging (back paper) in the most generic way. So I can still use it for other enamel pin designs in the future and just use the same back paper. I didn't have any idea to design as fun as my wandering soul patch that I designed before this because by then, I was draining. I've been using too much of my creative juice that month.
  • I also designed some images for marketing purpose (because it is fun).


Other things :
  • How much did it costed ? Although I'm quiet transparent with most of the stuffs, I'm not comfortable in telling the world how much I spent for this, so I choose not to answer. But roughly, you need to take into account : the cost of each pin, the molding fees, the extra requirement fees, and the international DHL fast-shipping. Everything in USD, so yes, it is not cheap for us Malaysian. But it is surely quite cheap for others with higher money rate. 
  • How much I love it ? Words can't express how grateful I am in trusting my instinct. I really love the outcome, the detailing and the quality. ♥♥♥
  • And I am super thankful for this chance of having fun days at home creating stuffs that I love. I hope every creative soul will eventually find their true passion and pursue their dreams (even how scary and risky it might look, your days will be packed with so much satisfaction).

You can order my limited edition enamel pin :
( here - if you are local Malaysian )  and ( here - if you are living outside of Malaysia ).

For my Patreons, thank you for your support & love.  

Little Story 224 : I bought a new Black Shoe

Exactly two years ago I wrote about replacing my brown Converse to a new Navy classic one (read here). I remember I bought it before I went to Tokyo for the first time with Af, it travelled to Indonesia, Singapore with us soon after and even bring it to Japan again this year. It walked with me to places, and I love them to bits. It is not an ideal shoes for travelling, but I like it.

But my Converse is now old and torn, got holes on both sides and also the heels (rainy days were bad days). So I've been making a mental note to search for a new shoes. Buying new pair of shoes is always a big event for me, a milestone (because it is once in several years kind of thing, so I will usually remember about each shoes).
Note : I am the kind of person who owns one thing at a time. That means 1 pair of slipper, 1 pair of girly shoes (for kenduri), 1 pair of running shoes and 1 pair of casual/walking shoes. So I don't go buy extra shoes because I feel like it, I will use the one that I own until lunyai, donate it and buy a new one. 
The time has come for me to buy one. So when we went to Nu Sentral last Friday, I stopped by at Al-Ikhsan. I remember I have this one black shoe that I liked several months back. I specifically wanted to find a well-designed aesthetically beautiful pair of shoes (not too big, not too sporty, not colourful - just black). I wanted it cushioned and breathable (suitable for a long walk). 

So I found the same shoes that I liked, but now discounted (RM 360 to RM 259) - yes, it is still expensive for me but I've been coming back to this shoes several times over the year now. So I decided to buy it. :F A little present for me, for finishing the Uber project.

Extra note : Plus, I always got confuse over the sport shoes brand (because there are so many of them), so I don't quite remember the brand until I loudly repeated the word "Ok, this is Nike, Nike, Nike" not Adidas after I bought it. 

Why I didn't buy another Converse tho? :
I think I've been using Converse for 6 years now. It is the nicest casual shoes to wear when you go anywhere near. I really like my shoes. BUT, not when you do heavy walking i.e when you are traveling and you have to walk over 10km in one day. You will need to soak your feet in iced water by the end of the day, because your feet will badly sore (there is no cushion in classic Converse). 

That is why I searched for for a cushioned shoe that I can use to travel, but I don't like colourful sport shoes, so I opted for a full black sport shoe. The one that won't shout for attention. Just black, so it will blend in with my jeans and my invisibility. If that make any sense at alllll.

So that is how and why I bought a new pair of shoes ! :D

Event : From Pen to Paper 5.0

Preparation :
I joined another event several weekends ago (I applied for 2 events in July). The application was awhile back, so I was almost fully prepared for it. I printed and cut sticker packs as much as I can wherever, whenever I was free. I think I cut thousands and thousands over the year, I became so good in cutting stickers (I'm a pro !). I also printed several artprints and small greeting cards (to replace the ones that had been destroyed by the small flood in my room several months back). And ordered several new stuffs ! This time, I was fully prepared with so many stuffs.

Things I collected from the event.

Event day :
We went to Battery Acid Club before for Etsy Made Local 2016 , so it was a familiar place and familiar faces (I remember the owners and several booths participants). I think there were only 1-2 booths owned by Malay on that day, everyone else were Chinese. It is common view (guys, where are independent businesses own by Malays nowadays? I hardly see you guys in creative events) :F

We opened our booth, outside (because last time we attracted the crowd outside of the cafe) but it was really hot and we had to wait in the sun later for several hours. The worst was around 3-5pm. Challenging day.

The good :
  • The event only lasted for 7 hours (11am - 6pm), so it wasn't a super long day.
  • I met several familiar faces (so they do remember me ❤ )
  • The sales was goooooood. One of the highest sales I ever got in an event.
  • I saw several potential local illustrator !
  • Journaling station with lotttts of free stuffs to use.
The bad :
  • It was so hot later that afternoon (we did really stand under the sun for several hours)
  • No 'surau', you need to walk a bit to reach the nearest surau in the area.
Outcome :
Sales : RM 757
  • Booth rent : RM 80 (shared with Aja, so it became RM 40 per person)
  • Lunches & Dinner : RM 15+ (Tapau Meggi Goreng from the mamak for lunch, free coffee from Battery Acid Club)
  • Gas & Toll : RM 10+
The best sales so far ! 
Mostly by selling sticker packs. Thank you random strangers 
For letting me create all the things that I love to make and support me all the way. I'll keep making new things and experiment, so you'll have reasons to keep supporting me !

Images from Af's video snippets (I didn't have time to take any photos !) :


Anyway, the money I spent on making new things (like the patches, enamel pins, lots of printing new stuffs and paying for future events) were around that figure or even more, so you guys actually helped me making new stuffs and restocking. And I really appreciate this support  

Here is the video that Af compiled & edited for me :

See you guys again soon,
Next event : Comic Art Festival Kuala Lumpur
in Dewan Bunga Raya in Campbell Complex, KL on the 29th & 30th July 2017.

Work Related : Busy June + Eid Season

I just compiled these video snippets for the whole June yesterday.
If you follow my Patreon page, you should already know how busy I was in June T^T I was focusing on my Melaka Travelogue project that I was supposed to submit before Eid (but I failed). There are another 10 pages to go as I am typing now. 

Anyway, I rested for 2 weeks since that first week of Raya. We went back to Pekan on Raya and we went to Kuantan again the next weekend for my cousin's wedding. We stopped by at Pantai Air Leleh near our village and there, I felt so calm, that peacefulness that I forgot exists. Because I've been working so hard and stressed out in this 2 months, I forgot there is this-kind of feeling. It was crazy and exhausting T^T We need more of this, peaceful nature and less heat (dear God, the weather nowadays is challenging).


In this video :
  • My Etsy stuffs packing session
  • CNY Angpow for reference (Melaka travelogue) 
  • First iftar outside (instead of at home almost everyday) at Sushi Zanmai
  • Melaka Travelogue update : 41/100 page
  • My packing station (postcard used for thanking each customer, tapes, stamp & sticker collections for personalised packages)
  • Frannerd's parcel that I ordered 3 weeks before from Hasting. I bought 3 of her zines (1 on her doodles + 2 of her travel zines) + free postcard
  • The evening when we just arrived at Pekan, we stopped by at Pantai Air Leleh (the nearest beach from my village). It was clean and beautiful and serene. 
  • Umang-umang !
  • Little baby crabs making holes.
  • Starfish crawling and making doodle on sand.
  • We hunted for a sunrise on the 2nd day of Eid. We woke up at 6am, washed our face and did Subuh prayer, and headed to Pantai Air Leleh to hunt for a morning sunrise. We got that right !
  • A lot of starfishes in the morning, I saw more than 7 :D
  • Around 130k steps of walking and jogging sessions all around.
  • Food fiesta on the 2nd day of Eid at my aunt's open house.
  • Clear stamps repacking for this Saturday's event at Battery Acid Club.
  • Short stop for Mango Cheese Cake at Kula Cake by Lila Wadi in Kuantan before we headed back to KL
  • Page 76/100 from my Melaka Travelogue and Awan !
  • Baby-faced looking Awan thanking youuuu, my Patrons.


Small shout-out about my Patreon :
  • There are also free posts for any of my Patreon followers without any pledges. 
  • I post random videos, podcast and updates for Patreon pledges as well. If you are interested in following my work progress or just simply want to support an independent local artist, you can do so and I am forever thankful.
  • I'll be posting more things on my current workloads and projects and items that I'm making and plans for the future as an independent illustrator ! 

Doodle : In-Between Series & Work

How's your Raya, so far so good? 
I've accumulated a lot of mini pimple breakout since the 2nd day of Raya because I've been eating a lot of things without filtration. Not only on my face, also several spots on my body - God knows what I'm actually allergic to this time :F 

Anyway, I want to post the quick process video of my "13 Reasons Why" fan-art series that I did last week while resting from my travelogue work. 


If you are not familiar with the series, well it is on Netflix. It is a story of a teenage-suicide, of a girl named Hannah, and the 13 reasons why she committed suicide. She recorded her story on 7 tapes and passed the tapes to the persons related to her story. It is quite a depressing and heavy story on teenage bullying, depression, and suicide. 

I doodled this on my sketch book while watching the series (when we first started the series) and I digitized it right after we finished the whole first season. 

Work Related : Send an Eid e-card

Heyy guys, it's been awhile !
There are 2 things that took a huge chunk of my life in these past 2 months since I resigned from Fin. The first project was : Uber #ridetoreconnect campaign and the second one is : Travelogue Melaka with Lejen Komik (still got 20/100 pages to go). 

#ridetoreconnect campaign has just been launched 2 days ago on this website :

I was at Mines with my family when I got an email from the client telling me that they launched the campaign and I was so excited ! I've been keeping this as a secret for almost 2 months because I can't tell anyone before the launching. This is my second project with international client and heyy, for a small self-learned noob illustrator - I am still finding this very hard to accept. 


R/GA Singapore contacted me 2 months ago when I was still working - right after I sent the resignation letter. So I felt like it was a great sign that I was doing the right thing, because to start on becoming a freelance illustrator again is still scary (especially without any backup plan). That's how I started my first 3 weeks of the journey : by working on 4 illustration relentlessly, discussing with the Art Director, coming up with the sketches, and finally working on the illustration. I had to update every 2-3 days for the 3 weeks project, so there was no rest, no weekend kind-of-thing. I hired Af to do the animation using After Effect because I wanted to focus on the illustration alone. 

Sure, it is not my best work. After all, I am still a noob in this area. I didn't quite like the vector work, and I felt like I wish I had more time to play around with the idea. But I was supposed to work on the project fast (1 week ideation) and I had to accept my flaws (2 weeks digitizing and amendments). Af had only 2 days to work on the animation because I took my time (big kudos to him). 


How to use ?
  1. Click on this link : #RidetoReconnect
  2. Pick your greeting card 
  3. Write in the name (to send the card to) and the Eid greeting
  4. Click "Preview Card"
  5. Share to Facebook


Inferiority issue :
I looked at all the other works from Yellowmushmellow (Singapore) and Putri Febriana (Indonesia), and I felt so bad ! I felt like somehow Uber picked me by mistake and I was the most noob one among all :F I have a huge online crush on Yellowmushmellow for years (I finally met her at Public Garden booth in Singapore last year and I was sweating all over + I was super awkward), and she was so nice T^T When I got the call from the client, I asked them who was the representative from Singapore and heck, they mentioned her name. I took that chance to text her to discuss about the project *smooth, right? :D Anyhow, I'm learning to avoid feeling less appreciative towards my own work and promise that someday, I'll be better. 


So, yes, don't miss this chance to send these awesome animated Eid ecards to your friends. These campaign will only last for a month, so you can play around with it. And please tag my facebook : and #ridetoreconnect , I want to stalk your post *just to feel happy and appreciated over the crazy 3 weeks of May - haha :F

and, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin guys  

Little Things 235 : Wandering Soul & Past Life

This is my carefully curated playlist since 2014 on Spotify : Wandering Soul.
I posted this in this blog before: the playlist is packed with mellow and relaxing songs that gives a serene solitary feeling *at least to me la. I've been adding songs that I found over these 3 years, so I'm bored with most of the top songs in the lists because I've listened to them repeatedly. 

You can listen to the playlist during your travels, or 'alone time', because I specifically set the mood to that while listening to this playlist. Thus the name 'wandering soul' - the ones that feel like they've been wandering on this earth, not knowing what home is. 


Here is my favorite cover song last week :

Note : That's Kina Grannis' husband.

Old Songs :

I started to develop a personal likings to old songs since I was 14. Before that, I mostly listened to what my older sister had in her collection. Like the boy bands : BSB, N'Sync, 911, Westlife, etc.

I secretly listened to all my mom's & dad's collection and started to scan through what I thought I would like to hear again. 'Secretly' because I was a teenager, and being a teenager - we automatically want to blend in and be accepted, it wasn't normal for a young teenager to like old granny songs during that time. So I had 2 lives - the normal teenager and the old granny. My siblings used to call 'Lagu2 Reen' or 'Lagu pagi Ahad' because I usually put it on speaker on Sunday morning.

I have no idea how these songs feel more connected to me than current hype songs of my days : my hypothesis is that I did live in those years before this, they were the songs of my previous live ! :D Or else, I'm not sure how to explain the emotional feelings triggered every time I listened to those songs :F

Here is my 'Past Life' playlist on Spotify :

Little Things 234 : Patreon & Latest Video

I am super occupied with my travelogue project until Raya, so I can't update my blog/IG as much as I want to (and without morning caffeine, everything is twice harder). But, if you want more updates on my works and projects, you can pledge at my Patreon here, as low as $1 and you will have access to all the latest and super-secret projects that I'm working/planning on, work process & technical stuffs (if you like those), random blabber when I'm stressed out and random free gift-aways.

I'm trying to balance up my life, but it is hard when I have too much going on with my life, so I just update things fast & short in my Patreon for now.

Patreon is a place for people to support other people to create/make stuffs for a living. 

Here's a video compilation of week 3 & 4 as a full-time freelancer :
(of course, I don't really record myself working because that's like a whole daily boring repetition - so I just took snippets outside of my working routine) :


Little Thing 234 : 2nd Anniversary & Video

Can't believe it's already been 2 years !

To the love of my life, Af.
and Happy anniversary.

❤ ❤ 

If you want to see the process video :

This is my first attempt in screen-recording while digitizing my random doodle. My MBP lagged a bit while drawing, but it is still a decent-kind-of-slowness. This process took around 30 minutes, which for me was a bit too rushed ( but I was trying to set the timing here so I had to close my eyes and ignore the flaws ). I'll try to post the fast-drawing session in my Youtube every month ( my fellow Patreon will get the the latest updates and even request a video tutorials ).

Software : Adobe Photoshop CC 
Device : Wacom Tablet - Intuos
Video : Adobe Premier CC & Photoshop CC
Song : Free-licensed song - Good for You by THBD

Osaka - Kyoto 9 : The Videos

Can't believe it's already 2 months since we went to Japan. I think I already wrote almost 10 posts on the last trip, I'm not sure whether I want to elaborate more detail on that escapism (because I'm already planning on a new escapism project for the end of this yeaaar) :D

Af compiled the part 2 for our Osaka - Kyoto - Nara trip last weekend. The video started with some shots in Nara, Expo 70 (Bampaku-kinen Koen) and Kyoto (on our final day), all taken after my family went back home and we got extra days to explore together. A lot of green and nature walk than usual walks with my family. Here is the video :

Note : 
  • I noticed the doves in Japan were almost twice bigger than those in Malaysia (not sure whether if it is because of the cold whether), but they were all huge, chubby and adorable.
  • Garden, parks, and forest are accessible everywhere. I think the Japanese tries to utilize the nature as much as they can. So people can get their dose of nature all the time. It's therapeutic. These places are soothing, calm and very clean T^T I was so happy I could cry T^T

And here's for the part 1 :


Event : Urbanscape x NicheMarket + Week 2 Video

Urbanscape x Bookit's Niche Market :

Last minute event ! The organizer contacted me and asked whether I wanted to open a booth for that Sunday. It was a last-minute fill up so I wasn't sure, but they gave me a discounted booth fees because it was last minute and I told her I can't afford pricy booths for now. So I just joined the event :F

Preparation :
I was busy because of the client-based project I'm currently working on, but I had to steal some time here and there. I managed to finish up the version 3 of Japanese foods and snacks ( I think that's it for now, we'll move on to different stuffs after this ). We went to print out the new and old stickers, and also did the cutting and packaging in short amount of time (+ a lot of Pretty Little Liars series).

Most of my postcards and greeting cards were destroyed so I don't have those to sell anymore T^T I sold mostly sticker packs and the latest Eid money packs. Pheww.

Event day :
The event was held for 12 hours (one of my longest event), it was mostly slow paced (because of the crowd - there wasn't enough people for such a big event), so basically, it was a boring one. Af was sleepy throughout the whole day, and I managed to cut all my Japanese stickers (there are more than 40 new packs - so can you imagine the time I was having).

Also in the building : 
Photography exhibition and arts classes on the third floor, and exhibition on the second floor, music and lights exhibition on the first floor. We were on the ground floor : Niche Market and open mic sessions.

Their branding illustrations are the best : you can see event's posters, signage, labels all around the place, and they are definitely inspiring !

After-thought :
Even though the event was super slow and long, I think it was a success because any booths with sales over RM 500 is a big success to me. Imagine I just sell mostly sticker packs guyyyyys.
Sales : Rm 526
- Booth (last minute discount) : - RM 100
- Parking (Central Market) : - RM 26
- Foods : +- RM 50

Here is a video compiled for this week's activities :