Mini Escapism : The Owls Cafe, Bukit Jalil

We found a nice little cafe in Bukit Jalil : The Owls Cafe after we went to Wati + Asyraf's wedding in Selayang last weekend. Wati is Aja's best friend for a couple of years by now and she's kind-of like our add-on siblings. 


Like usual, we stopped by for a little snack/mini minum2 after finish our 'main event'. We can't think of anywhere to go and we wanted to avoid the city-area as soon as possible, so we headed to Bukit Jalil near my home. We decided to go to Chatime Bukit Jalil for a drink. I haven't been to Chatime for years - and I was secretly craving for their ice-cold Cocoa Latte. Forgot to bring my wallet so I asked my brother to 'belanja' us all instead :D

Later when Aja arrived and we finished our drinks, Aja asked all of us to visit a small cafe next to Chatime. It is located on the first floor so we took the lift. It was a nice little hipster cafe with owl themed called The Owls Cafe. *I don't usually go to places like this except when I'm with my family - just because. So I was always the 'jakun' one.

And so we ordered Milo Dinosaur waffle : a combination of waffle, dark-chocolate ice-cream, mini marshmellow, koko crunch, Milo and condensed milk. My picture doesn't tell you thousand words, I wasn't fully ready with proper camera setting because we were rushing to go back. I promise I'll improve, here goes : 

Their waffle and crepe were all decent, price ranged RM 12 - RM 18 for each desserts.

Really like how they used hand-drawn murals on the logo, their walls and mini signboards. I honestly took several photos half-heartedly, I realized I changed so much from the person I was years back. 

So you can find everything that relates to Owl family here  - but not the actual one :


Nice owls-theme mural by @Dududedoodle :

Note : I later found out that the place is quite famous among food blogger and hipster cafe hunters - so most of the weekend, the place will be packed with people. People might even queue and will have to wait for their turn to enter, so take extra note guys. We were lucky when we arrived, they have a long 6 person table was ready for us all. 

And now I'm suddenly craving for foods from IKEA. 
Why do I have PMS cravings every month ? It's ridiculous =.=


The map to the location :

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