Little Things 218 : My Washi Tapes

The Washi Tapes :

I bought 4 washi tapes on 65daigou or Taobao last month to test the website. It is like Alibaba - but it connects us in Malaysia to suppliers in China & Taiwan. So everything is cheaper and you can buy in bulk with the help of an agent. I never knew about the website until I saw it advertised in the Facebook side link but Af told me that it existed years before :D

I wanted to learn the buying process so I tried it on buying some washi tapes and sticker notes. The sticker note I ordered sold out so they returned my money in the form of credit into my 65daigou account. There were also small amount of agent fees and local postage fees to pay other than international fees. I took the cheapest international postage by ship so it took 1 month to arrive, but local postage cost around RM 8 - way pricier, but you can make an appointment for free pickup at certain location.

All in all, I think it would be great if I bought these items in bulk - because they are way cheaper. 

I found some nice things that might be pirated stuffs because what you can except from China, kan? Some of nice washi tapes printed were also supposed to be famous kawaii brand in Japan and all but sold for cheap. I can't deny that they look the same and probably quite decent as well. 

Here is my washi tapes collection in my Totoro planner. Most of the left side washi tapes were from this nice lady, Kiwa. I used almost all the washi tapes she gave me for Etsy postage items and photos on the fridge. That's why I thought buying this might give a great use seeing I use it constantly  : 


My favorite are the flower pattern washi tapes. The remaining left :

PS : I showed the package excitedly to Ma and she made another meh face, asking me what I use these washi tapes for ? - like I'm wasting money on another kawaii stuffs. I said for Etsy items of course! But actually I just love them because they are so nice and beautiful and I'm going to use it on all my Etsy packages anyways I don't care. Ha.

2 comments on "Little Things 218 : My Washi Tapes"
  1. I'm really interested to buy things at Etsy, Taobao and all other international website but the thing is I prefer to enjoy walking and find this little things on the street. But some that I found always expensive and sometimes the things that I always wanted will never be found anywhere on the street. Maybe I should take a look and give a try! Btw, it's really kawaii and I love kawaii things too!aha

    1. Disebabkan I hv history with IT, I really love trying out new system. Especially buying stuffs online or ke apa. I geek out and want to know how the whole process will be drpd how to choose stuff, delivery options, how it will be notified and delivered ke apa.

      So my hobby is that, trying out their system and learn what each website offers. Haha. So I can answer when ppl ask me about whether the website is valid or not :P

      And those washi tapes are sooooo kawaiii <3