Little Stories 220 : What I Talk About When I Talk About Cancelled Trip

On Flight :

Among all the plans and preparations that I did before this trip, I make 3 big mistakes :
  • I didn't print up the itinerary ahead
  • I arrived at the airport late
  • I didn't freakin' self check-in earlier (not from home, not even from mobile)
What was I thinking? I bought the ticket 6 months ago, so imagine how I'm feeling right now. I feel like my face was going to explode with waterfall of tears when the guy at the Airasia service center said that there's nothing that they could do, except to book the next flight for another RM 900. I bought the return ticket to Cambodia for only RM 200 on promotion so it would be crazy to buy another ticket for RM 900 kan? =.= I called Ma right-away, saying that we missed the flight and so they had to make a u-turn to pick us back.

The night before, I slept for only 2 hours - pushing myself to finish up the Freepik task before going and I've prepared for everything except for the most important thing - flight ticket/boarding pass/self check-in. Everything I planned and spent time and effort on, goes back to this moment when I replaying the scenes this early morning over-and-over again thinking of other possibilities and when in the bitter reality : I can't do anything at all to make it right. 

We missed the flight.


On Airbnb :

Right after I got the confirmation about our cancelled trip, I contacted our Airbnb host, Mr. Ajil. I told him about the news and explained everything. We wanted to cancel the booking and try to get the refund back. His refund policy stated 'flexible', that they should be notified 24 hours before the booking date and we already missed the first day. So Mr. Ajil told me that booking cancellation can be confirmed via Airbnb cancellation. I called the Airbnb center and notified the customer service about this. 

He then cancelled my booking, and I got the remaining 3 days payment back and another 24USD extra travel credit from Airbnb for being their new customer *I don't know where that came from, this is not even my first booking. But I'm thanking them with strawberries on the top for being super helpful and generous about this T^T

If you want to try Airbnb and want to receive your RM 137 off from your first booking, you can use my referral code here.

And call Airbnb call center every now and then, they might give you travel credit for being randomly awesome.

But I'm still grumpy :(

3 comments on "Little Stories 220 : What I Talk About When I Talk About Cancelled Trip"
  1. Ayoyo! Fret not however, belum ada rezekilah tu. Sometimes we get something better in return, we never know.

    1. Daww.. Thanks Raw,
      I'm still deeply disappointed tho.. T^T

  2. I always upset when I have to cancel my trip. I found your blog very interesting.

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